September 26th, 2007

Reasons why this is my favourite time of year:

  • That unmistakeable autumn scent, part wet leaves, part woodsmoke, that wafts in through my open window.
  • Darker evenings, making it necessary to lights lamp and draw curtains. And darker mornings, encouraging you to pull the covers back over your head and snooze for another half hour.
  • Falling temperatures, which justify using the wood stove from morning to night.
  • The change in diet that we naturally make around this time of year, drifting from salads and simple light meals, to hearty soups, homemade bread, and bedtime hot chocolate.
  • The comfier cool weather wardrobe, consisting of woolly socks, sweaters, jeans, and boots. I’m so much happier in these than I am in flip-flops and linen!
  • The way the cats stay closer to home, preferring to curl up on the bed with us, or in front of the woodstove instead of prowling and hunting half the day and all the night.
  • The quiet stillness of a country village, particularly in contrast to the bustle of summer when it’s full of tourists in coaches and cars. And the glory of having a windswept beach all to yourself.
  • The mellow softness of an autumn landscape, all warm colours and gentle drifting lines. The brightness of berries, and the beauty of a frosty morning.

I get much more the feeling of starting a new year in autumn than I do in January. How about you?

12 thoughts on “September 26th, 2007

  1. This is my favourite time of year. My blinds stay closed all day because it’s barely light when I leave for work. All my favourite hoodies have made their way back in to my wardrobe as well.
    I wish I had a fireplace in my flat! That’ll be one thing I miss about Mum and Dad’s house this year, a nice big log fire to curl up in front of.

  2. Wow – I love summer but you manage to make the end of it sound attractive too… possibly a bit more so when you don’t live in London though – the landscape just becomes a bit more gray here, or so it feels – and I can’t have cats ;-(

    I miss my parents wood burner too, you can’t really curl up in front of a radiator!

    Jen (long time lurker!)

  3. Beautifully put, Dee, and I must say I am in complete accord (except for the CATS part; for me, substitute DOG).

    Thanks for this sweet reminder of why autumn offers so very much,

    I think I’ll go for a walk. . .with Buck Naked (the yellow lab).

  4. Dee – have you updated the shop today? I’m sure I’m noticing (and have done a sneaky order for) yarn that had sold out on Sunday – if it’s a glitch, no worries!
    Autumn would be lovely anywhere but sitting in a Portakabin with the rain drumming on the roof – but love the feeling of getting home and battening down the hatches.

  5. I’m exactly the same Dee. I love autumn and its my absolute favourite time of year. I also have more of a new year feel now than in January. In fact, September is the time of the Jewish New Year.

  6. I’d rather have the coolness and colours of autumn than the sweltering heat of summer (although we’ve not had much of that this year, admittedly!) just because everything looks so pretty. From my office window I can see a Japanese Maple which is just starting to turn from green to gold and red – lovely!

  7. i am missing all of these things very deeply right now – my first autumn in california is so strange. i am used to it getting crisper, and the leaves changing (i am from western new york state – we have the best leaves around!). instead, as someone pointed out to me the other day, here in the bay area we get several seasons in one day, so you leave your house freezing and a few hours later you’re sweating and peeling off layers. i’m not really enjoying this; think, linen and flip flops plus sweaters and scarves all in the same day. it’s crazymaking!

    so, dear dee, do enjoy the autumn for those of us who aren’t really getting one this year.

    ~gabriella 🙂

  8. There is no way I could have said it better myself. Definitely feels like the beginning and is very much my favorite time of year.

    : )

  9. Spring’s my favourite time of year – after the gloom of the winter, that bright fresh green. Just love it. But it’s closely followed by autumn – the colours are beautiful and oh to be on a beach in South Wales right now!

  10. Definitely agree, autumn is fantastic. Autumn has officially started here as we just lit a lovely log fire for the first time last night – snug 🙂 As well as the things you said, I also find my knitting is very seasonal – I always get an irresistible urge to knit around this time of year and do loads more knitting than in the summer. I have four projects on the go, including 1 started last winter and abandoned over the summer months…
    Then again, when it’s spring, I will probably think spring is best!! Mainly because I’m a gardener so seeing the seeds in the veg patch spring into life is a very strong signal of new beginning for me.
    Fickle, huh?!

  11. Dee do you have any Celtic ancestry, think hard? For us Celts September is the start of our New Year. For us Celts that love of this time of year is due to us viewing the possibilities of the start of a New Year as nature is sweeping all the growth away from the previous year, and putting down roots for all the growth to come. I have found since I reverted to this Celtic traditional New Year, from the hated January one, life has made more sense and has more peace. Coincidence, I think not! My resolutions are set and started upon.