September 25th, 2007

So, with all these sketches, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’ve given up knitting in favour of drawing. Not at all. It’s just that you have more to show for 10 minutes of drawing than you do for 10 minutes of knitting. Especially at the rate at which I knit. But I have been steadily plugging away at the Fair Isle sweater, and I’ve finished one sleeve and am halfway up the other. (I always start sweaters with the sleeves, it gives you a chance to get familiar with the design on something small and managable.)

Of course, this is a sweater for Tony, and so the curse is already kicking in.  Longtime readers will remember the other casualties of this curse – the cable knit jacket that came out my size instead of his, the 4ply fair isle tank top that ended up as a cushion cover. And as determined as I was that this time the curse would be broken, I’m beginning to think that it’s just too strong. I should have been warned by the weird gauge swatch problems.

I’m been knitting very carefully, checking the measurements as I go along, both against the pattern and against the man. So far, so good, I thought as I got ready to do the armhole shaping. Despite having replaced the yarn in the pattern with a completely different weight, and despite the swatch issues, the sleeve was just the right measurements. The width was perfect (since I’d been very careful not to pull it tight with the stranding). The length was just what the pattern said it should be. I felt very smug. Then I started the armhole shaping. And it went on, and on, and on. I did a full pattern repeat from the armhole to the shoulder, which considering I’d only done two in the rest of the sleeve, tells you what a deep armhole it was. I cast off, with that familiar feeling of doom, and measured it. Two inches longer than the pattern. I held it up against Tony. The sleeve comes down to his fingertips. And he’s not six, he won’t grow into it.

Now, really commited knitters, really loving wives, would pull back to a few inches before the armhole, and start again. Not me. I’ve heartlessly informed Tony that he will have to turn the cuffs back and like it. And although I’m aware of the problem now, I can’t modify the second sleeve, can I? Otherwise he’ll look all lopsided. So, two gorilla sleeves it is. I’ll have to be more careful with the body of the sweater, or it will be more like a dress.

I really should stick to socks.

6 thoughts on “September 25th, 2007

  1. any chance of shrinking it slightly in the wash? I’d do the same as you, I hate ripping back. Tell him that long sleeves are in fashion this year and see if that helps. x

  2. The first sweater I made for my husband has a gorilla arm, too. I was new at knitting at the time and didn’t rip back the sleeve, but I did do the second one right, so it looks like it’s for a lopsided gorilla. We both laughed at first (and I was a little crushed, too) but he’s been wearing it for years that way and will hardly take it off in the winter. Unfortunately, he does wear it out in public AND tells people I made it. (I don’t let him near yarn stores when he’s wearing it). Chances are Tony will love his, too!

  3. I love cuffs turned back anyway. As to shrinking it ‘slightly’ I did that once with a blanket and it’s now a bath mat. Don’t do it Dee!

  4. Oh Dee – I’ve done this too. I knitted a lovely jumper, and then it fitted me better than Jon! I hear turn up cuffs are very fashionable these days….

  5. I have the opposite problem, my hubby is tall and very long in the body and short legs. I have to do sleeves soooo long for him, they can’t be long enough!

  6. I’m sure that he will love it either way!

    Have to ask though – do you think that the main body shape will match the sleeve shaping, as you have knitted it? Or will you adjust that if it looks that it won’t match?

    You see, I am not a very confident knitter – I would worry that I’d done something wrong and produced a sleeve top that wouldn’t fit the main body of the jumper when I came to stitch it togther! So I would rip back, particularly as I didn’t have the rest of the jumper yet.

    If it came out the same way twice, I’d probably accept fate and continue, having written out the advance gift instructions, ‘If too long, roll up sleeves!’

    Mind you, this worry just might be what happens to be on my mind right now as I have just finished the sleeves for a top and I just cannot see how they set into the body – at all!