September 24th, 2007

Come Monday mornings, I often think of those of you who are working in offices and other workplaces. I’m always very busy on a Monday (particularly after a sale as big as last night’s…..phew!), but it’s a very different kind of busy. I can, and usually do, stay in my pj’s all day. I can do a lot of my tasks – invoicing, updating the website, sorting out address labels – propped up in bed, thanks to a laptop. I can stop for coffee and cake whenever I fancy. And if I want to have an afternoon nap and catch up later in the evening, that’s ok too (not that I’d do that, oh no…..). This is the beauty of working from home, of being your own boss.

So I always feel sorry for those of you struggling back to work after the weekend. Stressful meetings, an overflowing inbox, too many calls to return. Poor you. Don’t you think it’s about time you took a coffee break? I think so too. Make yourself a drink, think about knitting, and chill……..

For the especially stressed, try some soothing herbal tea. Breathe in that aroma, warm your hands around the cup, and let nature calm your body down.

4 thoughts on “September 24th, 2007

  1. Can’t you sleep? I have had an hours knitting on the train to London and am now thinking of the hours knitting on the way home……work whats that! AND I managed to get some of the colours I wanted last night.

  2. Thanks for rubbing it in. Though the sun is shining on my desk and I got to knit–outside–during lunch break. Not wearing PJs, though. . .