Hi everyone

Just making sure everyone sees this. Tony is really really ill, and so are our Posh employees. I’m trying to keep everything going by myself, but I’m a little sick too. I haven’t yet started packing last night’s parcels, I haven’t had time, but I will get them done in time for tomorrow’s post. I don’t think we will have a shop update ready by Sunday, but I will let you know here later in the week. I’m trying to keep up with emails & pms, but I’m struggling a little bit, so please be very patient.

Hugs, Dee

3 thoughts on “04.02.13

  1. Please look after your own health and don’t rush things. Everyone will understand if the yarn is late going out.

    Bless you Dee.

    Love to Tony, may he be well soon.


  2. Dear Posh team,

    all best wishes for you- hope everybody will be well soon ! No need to hurry , your health and your well-being has priority above all !
    Lots of love for all of you from a german bursting-with-flu-patients surgery !
    P.S. Free medical advice: manuka honey from New Zealand with an MGO of 400 + is natureĀ“s best antibiotic against flu bugs.

  3. Getting better is the main priority! Concentrate on your team. We can wait a bit, when it means that you are all healthy.