Eye Candy Friday……….

Updated to add: the shop preview is now up!

Is anyone else feeling mildly disgruntled that Woolfest is on this weekend, and they can’t go? I am. Just a little bit.

But look on the bright side, those lucky knitters who are at Woolfest will be missing all the scrumptiousness of this week’s sale. And boy, is there scrumptiousness. Mr P has outdone himself this week, don’t you think?

The preview should be up tomorrow afternoon. Happy browsing!

2 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday……….

  1. I am right here with you!

    Some shopping should sort out my disgruntlement though – those are some yummy looking yarns 🙂

  2. lovely yarn DEE:)
    Woolfest inspiring with all the felting and I’m glad I went although I’d have loved to be well off so I could purchase more. Came away with fyberspates moahir 2 skeins and some buttons. Best part meeting bloggers:)