Blankety Blank…..

It might be the late night we had yesterday, due to dinner with friends, but my mind is a complete blank this morning. Actually, it’s rather restful – my brain usually runs at a mile a minute. But it makes for a boring blog. Of course, I could always show you tantalising yarn pictures…….(and I will)…… or I could answer Kerrie’s question: What five things do you wish you could stop doing?

1. Reading People Magazine online. Such a time waster, such a guilty pleasure. Actually, since losing broadband, I have stopped reading it (and I use that phrase loosely, since you don’t read People, you look at the pictures). But oh, how I miss it. Life just isn’t the same now that I don’t know what colour Mary-Kate Olsen’s hair is right now, or who Jennifer Aniston is/is not dating.

2. Buying broccoli. It always goes bad before I get around to using it. And if I only buy it the day I plan to use it, something will intervene. We’ll get take-out that night, or Mr P will do the cooking and forget the broccoli. It’s a conspiracy.

3. Staying up late. I feel so much better when I get a good night’s sleep, and I’m usually sleepy by 10.30. But if I go past that point, for any reason, I get my second – third, even – wind. I get a little manic. I get excited at the prospect of staying up ’til 1 a.m. watching dvd’s. And then I regret it the next day.

4. Picking the skin round my cuticles. This one is a forlorn hope – I’ve been doing it since I was 11, and the only time I ever managed to stop was before my wedding, with the threat of Wedding Photos hanging over me. And if I forget to wear gloves for even a minute while dyeing, the dyes soak into the picky bits round my nails, and no amount of scrubbing or soaking gets it out. Not a very elegant look, green ragged cuticles.

5. Starting new knitting projects. Three shawls, one hoodie, two pairs of socks, one hat, one jacket, and I’m still planning new projects. And we all know, it’s one quick ecstatic step from planning to casting on.

Well, as a reward for reading through that bit of navel gazing, look! Pretty yarn!!

Sophia 2ply in Babydoll

Eva 4ply in Crab Apple

Eva 8ply in Dinosaur

More tomorrow. And oh, did I mention that all the new yarn arrived yesterday? We’ll be debuting it all next week (for now, let’s just say perfect summer yarns), so those of you lucky enough to go to Woolfest this weekend, don’t spend all your money!!

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