There’s been much talk in blogland recently about bloggers getting book contracts. Personally, I land on the side of pleasure – pleased for them, pleased for myself. There’s always room for new books on my shelves.

Besides, there’s something very Cinderella-y about a blogger being plucked from relative obscurity to the heady heights of having a book published, don’t you agree? This is the beauty of blogs, revealing talent where it might otherwise have gone unnoticed, whether that is talent in writing, photography, craft, or just the talent of living beautifully (no small talent, this one).

As lots of you know, I had a book published a few years ago, when I was running a vintage clothing business. I got extremely lucky with that book – I came up with the idea, pitched it to a publisher, and they commissioned me to write it, with a nice fat advance. This, I can assure you, was a fluke. But a very fortunate one. Because if I had to be like the majority of writers, who plug away, day after day, not knowing if they will meet with success, not knowing if they will ever see their book in print, well I just couldn’t do it.

And I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that way. Which is where the blogiverse comes in. You see, when writers write, unless they are extremely lucky like me, or already established, they have no idea whether anyone will ever read what they have written. But bloggers know their audience. They write little by little, getting feedback every day, developing their own style in front of a live audience. I think this is a wonderful thing. It’s why I encourage everyone I can to start a blog. Who knows, it may draw something out of you that you never knew existed, or that has laid dormant for many years.

So, three cheers for bloggers with books. Enjoy your moment of glory, and may it lead to much, much more. And three cheers for the blogisphere. Where would we be without it?

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