Poor Mr P…….

Thank you, everyone who came along and joined in this week’s yarn spree. I hope you all got what you wanted – there was hot competition for some of the colourways! I normally work my way through all the invoices on Monday morning (yes, I do it manually, matching up the invoice with the Paypal receipts, invoicing those who haven’t paid straight away, etc) and send every customer a personal acknowledgment of their purchase and payment, but I won’t get to this until Tuesday this week, so all the parcels will be going out on Wednesday. Let me know if that is too much delay for you, and I’ll try to wangle something.

The reason is that we are taking tomorrow off, completely off. We spent an unpleasant few hours in A&E on Saturday night; Mr P collapsed following a very long day’s work on the workshop he’s renovating, and they had to run all kinds of tests to see what was wrong. It turned out to be nothing worse than heat stroke, thankfully, but it scared the living daylights out of me, and has left us both feeling like dishrags. We spent most of Sunday napping, but I think we need one more day of total rest before we get back to work. So we’re off to potter around some garden centres, eat lunch out, and generally relax. See you all on Tuesday, my dears.

2 thoughts on “Poor Mr P…….

  1. oh Dee hope Mr P is ok, you have a fabulous day off now and relax:) I know that I for one am in no hurry for the yarn. After all I didn’t manage to snag any moggy sadly:( Had to make do with 2 others(VBG) Wonder if I can find out who got my yarn and do a trade. Only kidding:))