• Quill is coming on apace – in fact I will be done with the garter square today, and ready to pick up stitches for the old shale border. Woo-hoo!
  • Project monogamy is definitely the way to go. I’m a reformed knitting slut.
  • I think I’m going to knit Aidez next. The only thing is, I like to knit while reading a book, and this is definitely not one of those projects. Can I still be monogamous if I also knit socks at the same time? That doesn’t count, right, a little sock on the side??
  • From this week on we will be holding our shop updates at 6pm instead of 7pm on Sundays.
  • Am currently working my way through the Joan Hickson Miss Marple box set. LOVE her. Incidentally, she looks just like my nan did. That same steely glint and no nonsense attitude.
  • Speaking of nonsense, I haven’t said anything on here up to now about the ACM scandals (although I’ve said plenty elsewhere), but I feel compelled to say this. Please, PLEASE, crafters, before buying, subscribing, contributing, or advertising in any of the following magazines, just do a quick Google. As a group I think we tend to be quite trusting, and as a consequence, vulnerable. Please ask questions before parting with your money or work. So many people have been burned – learn from them instead of finding out first hand how unscrupulous some people can be. Simply Sewing, Modern Quilting, Handmade Weddings, Handmade Fashion, Simply Beautiful. Here’s a good starting point, but half an hour’s Googling should tell you everything you need to know.
  • Our swallows have gone. And I mean, gone. As in left the area. What does that say about our hopes for the rest of the summer? Sigh.
  • Does anyone use Tiger Balm? Does it work?
  • Cold custard is a Good Thing.
  • Can someone make my current run of nightmares go away? ‘k, thanks.
  • I GOT MY YEAR END ACCOUNTS FINISHED AND SUBMITTED TO THE ACCOUNTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • That totally deserves the shouting.
  • The Army firing range are currently doing night firing practise. Big booming guns and machine gun fire, until about 11.30pm. I am not amused.
  • Speaking of being unamused, today I searched for ‘natural wool’ on eBay, and it came up with Stylecraft Eskimo eyelash yarn. I’m sorry, WHAT??!!
  • My growing out pixie cut is at a disgusting stage. Do I cave or push through the pain barrier?
  • Tom & Katie are getting a divorce?!!!!!!
  • If one more person tells me that they must have ME too because they are always tired, I’m going to do something bad with a pointy stick.
  • Can I just say how much I appreciate it when larger ladies post photos of themselves wearing a knitted item in their project page on Ravelry, instead of just showing the garment unmodelled? (I feel that sentence could have run a little smoother, but we’ll let it stand.) As a larger lady, I really need to see how a garment looks before committing to knitting it. I know how much I hate having my photo taken, and I know so many of you feel the same way, but I’m so grateful to those that do it anyway.
  • I need a nap.
  • NOW.
  • Toodle-pip.

5 thoughts on “04.07.12

  1. I love tiger balm. The red one is good for sore muscles, the white one is a great replacement for vics vaporub. Not quite as long lasting as olbas oil but I prefer the smell.

  2. I swear by both Tigerbalms – I use the white for headaches and sinus issues and the red for aches and pains. I find both soothing.

  3. WHOOP! YAY! Congrats on getting your accounts sent to the accountant! I know the PAIN my aunt goes through every year doing them for her work and also for my uncle’s work – so HUUUUGE kudos, respect and a couple more WHOOPs for good measure 😀

    Yay for monogamous knitting – I really should try it some time 🙂

  4. My dad was a great believer in tiger balm, but personally, I find it aggravates my asthma…. I used to have dreadful nightmares as a teenager, absolutely terrifying, and was prescribed “Calmag” (a slow release form of calcium + magnesium supplement) made by Merck. I think it may be a prescription only item now, but you could always try a non-prescription variant. It works on the nerve connections and electrolyte levels / blood chemistry, and was amazing. My mother very distressed during the nights after a stroke, and she was also given it, and it settled her right down. But this was years and years ago – so whether modern thinking would be the same, I wouldn’t know. Would taking a mineral supplement do any harm though…. Maybe give it a try. If my mind is spinning at bedtime I have a warm glass of milk with LOTS of cinnamon, which helps me sleep, but I couldn’t vouch for it chasing the nightmares away though. All it does is give me bad skin a week later!!! Good luck

  5. Push through the pain of growing the crop out or you’ll never be able to have a restyle .

    Tomkat to divorce .. Shock horror , only surprise is that it wasn’t sooner.

    Cold custard is ok as long as it doesn’t have skin on it ….. Yuckkkkkk. X