So, I did start a journal. I’m enjoying it, so far. Like Georgina commented, in the past any attempt at journalling has descended rapidly into a mopey depressing affair. So this time, I’m trying a different approach, a guided approach to journalling. I’m using the book Journalution, which has journal prompts intended to help self discovery and personal growth. I have a few more books in my wishlist, for when I’ve worked through this one:

Today’s journalling prompt was an interesting one:

Imagine yourself at 99 years of age. What do you want to tell the younger you?

That looks don’t matter. That you should never let fear hold you back. That you can’t please everyone (and you shouldn’t want to). That you should really treasure the people you love, and make the most of your time with them. That given enough time, the sting goes out of everything. That you are much stronger than you think. That everyone will let you down at some time or another, and that doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person. That you have to be true to yourself – or you’ll suffer tremendously. 

What message would you tell your younger self?


2 thoughts on “19.06.12

  1. Love your thoughts to a younger self!

    I’d like to tell myself to look after my body – age does creep up on you and if you care for yourself and make sure you’re healthy, you’ll have a much easier time in later life. Don’t think you can eat anything you want with no consequences, take care with too many sweets as your teeth aren’t that strong anyway. And love yourself more and aim higher: with love, with education, with jobs: everything. You CAN do it!. x