Happy Friday, my loves!! The shop preview is now live, full of scrumptious yarn and exciting colours. This week’s cover shot is Robynn Sock, Hopes And Plans And Schemes, (now there’s a screensaver, if ever I saw one!).


Get your week off to a flying start, with 10% off everything in the shop! (including three rather wonderful sweater lots….)


Happy Friday!! This week’s shop preview has just gone live, so pour yourself a (cold!) drink, and take a look.

I am constantly tweaking the photograph set up, in the hopes of doing a better job of showing off Tony’s wonderful dyeing (although I’ll never be able to capture it in all its glory, which is why you should come and visit us if you are in West Wales!). Tell me what you think of it this week…….

The cover shot is Martha Sport, It’s Friday, I’m In Love.