Can you believe we are almost at the end of May?! Spring is whizzing past into summer. Here at Posh HQ, I have almost entirely lost Tony to his garden! By next week I think he might have even started sleeping there, tucked up amongst the cabbages. Is it just me, or can you see his garden obsession in this week’s update?!! All those greens and floral colours. Fittingly, the cover shot is Renee Sock, The Meadows Shone With Dear Small Flowers.

While his attention was diverted, I sneaked some of the Carissa DK for myself (#sorrynotsorry). I am literally gritting my teeth over the silver one, if on Sunday night there’s suddenly only five skeins of that too, you’ll know why!!!

I hope you like the preview, my loves, and that you are all keeping well and at peace. Sending you much love, this sunny Friday.