I am absolutely thrilled to launch the preview for this week; we have not one, not two, but THREE fabulous new bases for you!!!

The one that is really making my heart sing is a wonderful cashmere/silk – it’s been a regret of mine for a long time that we didn’t have a cashmere/silk base any more, but I just couldn’t find one that met my criteria for quality. This one doesn’t meet it either – it wildly exceeds it. It is the softest base I have ever touched; the lace weight version feels like a weightless cloud in your hand. But when you try to snap it – WOW! Neither I nor Tony could snap a strand, not without injury to our fingers. This is wonderful news, because it means you can block the living daylights out of it. And it speaks volumes for the quality of the fibres, because cashmere is a short staple fibre, so cashmere blends don’t usually hold together with much tensile strength.

So, here’s the details of this wonderful new base:

Portia Lace

A lace weight yarn, made from 50% cashmere, 50% silk. 875 yards (800m) per 100g. £30.00 (including VAT), £25.00 (excluding VAT) per 100g skein.

Portia Sock

A sock weight yarn, made from 50% cashmere, 50% silk. 440 yards (400m) per 100g. £30.00 (including VAT), £25.00 (excluding VAT) per 100g skein.

You guys, I know this is a bit of an eye watering price, but when you see it and feel it, you’ll think it’s worth every penny, I promise you. It’s by far the most luxurious base we have ever worked with.

Onto the third new base!! I’ve long thought that sport weight is a very underrated weight of yarn; at least, outside the US. It’s such a great weight to work with for sweaters; you get the fineness of knit fabric of thinner yarns, with the quickness to knit up, and ease of handling, of thicker yarns. There are some wonderful sport weight patterns out there too, so don’t be nervous about trying this weight if you haven’t tried it before. This new base slots in perfectly into our yarn range; it’s a more luxurious glamorous base than the rest of the sport weight bases.

Dorothy Sport

A sport weight yarn, made from superwash 50% merino, 50% silk. 328 yards (300m) per 100g. Recommended needle size is 3.5mm (US 4). £15.60 (including VAT), £13.00 (excluding VAT) per 100g skein.

So, without further ado, go take a look at the preview – I think you’re going to love it!!