Let’s do this!!!! The preview for our final shop update of the year is now live. And as I’ve already said, I think it’s our biggest ever sale!! We’ve got orphans, and we’ve got lots of wonderful colourways, all of which are discounted by 10-30%. Not to mention the fact that these are still priced at our old prices, so they’re even more of a bargain! I’ve included a good few DK bases this time for you, because I know that knitting sweater sized projects can sometimes be pricy, so I wanted you to have the opportunity to buy larger amounts of sweater bases at these lower prices.
I really hope you like the preview, it’s our annual opportunity to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, for your friendship, for your continued support of us, for your loyalty, and for being the best bunch of customers in the world.

For those of you that are new to orphan updates, here’s what you need to know:

There aren’t any photos or colour descriptions with orphans, as we sell them lucky dip style, but you will know what type of yarn you are buying (ie Sylvia Sock) and each skein is reduced in price, by 30%! There is usually only one skein per colourway, so if you buy more than one skein in a yarn base, you will probably not get matching skeins, but we do occasionally have twin orphans, so you may get a matching pair (or very rarely, triplets!).

Many of the skeins have been overdyed (which means, double dyed), so they will be either dark or very saturated, with the complexity and depth that you get from overdyed yarn. There are also some lighter skeins that ended up as orphans for one reason or another. Orphans are not faulty or seconds, that is not the reason they are reduced in price, but because there are no photos.

Sale updates are fast and furious, so be prepared, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


We’ve got a stunning update for you this week, our last before we close for the holidays.

I should add that our prices will be slightly higher from January 2018, so this update is one of the last chances you have to buy at the lower price.

We’ve managed to keep our prices steady for the last five years; it’s incredibly important to me to be able to offer you even our most luxurious bases at a reasonable price, because I want as many knitters as possible to be able to work with such lovely yarns. But each year our suppliers’ costs have risen, and so I must reluctantly announce that our prices will be slightly higher from January 2019. Here are the changes:

£11 bases will be £12
£12 bases will be £13
£13 bases will be £14
£13 bases will be £14.75
£15 bases will be £16


Posh Yarn will be closed from December 20th to 28th 2018. I will still be checking my emails during that period though, so you can request gift vouchers at any time and I will arrange that for you.