This week’s shop preview is now live, and wow, we’ve got an amazing one for you. We’re debuting a new base, probably our most luxurious decadent yarn ever.

Monique Sock

A sock weight yarn, made from 50% mulberry silk, 50% yak. 440 yards (400m) per 100g. £21.60 (including VAT), £18.00 (excluding VAT) per 100g skein.

This blend feels wonderful, and it takes the dye up in a really amazing way, the colours just glow like jewels. I’ve chosen one of them as our cover shot this week, it’s Stepping Out In Midnight Blue.

It may be Black Friday everywhere else, but here it’s colour, colour, colour! And speaking of which, I want to say a few words about that…….

Small artisan businesses like ours run on a pretty tight margin all year around; one of the things that is important to me is to bring you our yarns at the best possible price for you, I know we’re at the luxury end of the market, but I also feel strongly that all knitters should have a little luxury in their life. So I do my best to keep our prices as reasonable as possible, while still being able to make a living. That’s a pretty challenging tightrope to balance on. It doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room, but I do what I can for you each week with our Monday bargains. And of course, we have our occasional sales. But we don’t jump on the bandwagon of Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

I’m not sure I would, even if we could afford to. There’s a certain calculated manipulativeness to these campaigns that I really don’t like. The world is fast becoming one giant corporate bubble; you can see the effects of it when you walk down any High Street in the UK (and I’m sure it’s similar in most Western countries now). Small independent retailers and artisan businesses are being squeezed out of existence. Which is a tragedy. Because who wants to live in a cookie cutter world, however cheap that is? I try my best to support small businesses, both locally and online, because we need diversity and individuality, not bland uniformity. We need more skilled craftsmen and artists, not factories and sweatshops. And I know you feel the same, because you continue to support us, and we are so grateful for that, and so appreciative of you all. You enable us to run a wonderful business, and to do what we love every day, and long may that last.

Anyway! Enough of me, go check out the preview!!!