This week’s preview is up – chock full of wonderfully vivid summer colourways! I think you’ll find it irresistable, I know I did!!!

Just a little note: for the next two months we are going to be going through a bit of a transition, as we move to new premises. There shouldn’t be any disruption in our update schedule, but I’m not certain what updates will be coming up each week, and we have a couple of special updates planned, so for the months of July & August, I won’t be posting an update schedule ahead of time. You’ll just have to enjoy the surprise each week!! But hopefully by September things will have settled back down, and I can go back to letting you know at the start of each month what is coming up.


This week’s preview is now live! We’re on Lace Week, and there’s a truly fabulous selection of colourways for you. This week sees the last of our stock of Celia Lace, I don’t know if or when we’ll get that base again. Grab it while you can!