From February we will be trialling a new update schedule. Trying to marry your wants/needs with our own creative and practical considerations! We’re going to try this for two months, February & March.

Each month there will be two categorised updates – Lace Week and Sock Week. The other updates in the month (usually two, sometimes three if there are five Sundays) will be mixed up, all weights and all bases. And depending on the time of year, and on feedback from you, this can be much more flexible, ie, more woolly heavier bases in the autumn/winter, more lighter bases in Spring/Summer. And slotted into that schedule will also be occasional special updates (such as Sweater Packs, or British Base Week).

As usual, I will announce the update schedule at the beginning of the month, with a list of the bases you can expect, so you will still be able to plan ahead. At the end of the two months trial, I will assess how well this new schedule is working for us all, and decide whether to make it permanent.