This week’s shop preview is now up – hope you like it!

I’m adding a new ‘category’ to the descriptions I give of each colourway. Tony does so many colourways that fall halfway between a semi solid and a variegated. Semi solid, to me, is shades all of the same or very similar colours. Variegated, to me, are colourways that have lots of different colours. So often a colourway is neither of these. So here are the new types of colour description:

Solid – all one colour (or more often this will be Almost solid – which is all one colour but with a tiny bit of shading).

Semi solid – shades within a close colour family, such as several shades of blue going into green, or red going into orange.

Tonal variegated – more variety in the colours, but all within close range of each other. So, for example, blue/green/purple. Or red/purple/fuchsia.

Variegated – lots of different colours, from all sides of the colour spectrum.


This week’s shop preview is up! Here’s our two new yarns, Imogen and Marianne.

Imogen is soft and lustrous, but not quite as soft as our other alpaca bases, like Amelie & Miranda. It has quite a significant halo, almost like a mohair yarn. It is very strong, and the higher merino content gives it some stretch that an alpaca base can sometimes lack.

Marianne is very very very soft, almost velvety. The twist is highly defined, and the yarn is springy and bouncy and very rounded. I think it will give fantastic stitch definition.


We’ve got two new bases for you this week!

Marianne – DK weight, 250 yards / 230m per 115g, with a springy twist (4 plies). 100% extra fine superwashed merino, £12.00 (£14.40 inc VAT) per 115g skein.

Imogen – cobweb weight, 1300 yards / 1200m per 100g. 50% baby suri alpaca / 50% extra fine merino, £12.00 (£14.40 inc VAT) per 100g skein.

After much consideration, I have decided to slightly tweak the prices of the yarn, just to round them to the nearest 25p, for ease of calculation. Should have done that in the first place, sorry. Some will go up, some will go down, some will stay the same, but we’re not talking about a significant change, don’t worry. I have amended the yarn information page on the Posh website now, and you can see that here.