Surprise! Early shop preview. Tony was snoring so I got up at 6am and started the photographs. My loss is your gain!

This is Ear Worm week, so I take no responsibility for what songs you find yourself humming today!


What a sad little wilderness this blog has become. I do apologise. Between one thing and another, I just don’t seem to have the energy – mental, physical, or creative – to write proper blog posts any more. I have a feeling that probably won’t change any time soon. It’s hard for anyone to sustain a blog for as long as this one has been going – the most loquacious of us would run out of things to say. My Twitter feed has lapsed too – but I expect that’s more of a temporary thing, while I deal with a rather challenging situation that is an extra time/energy suck.

Anyway. I will continue to use the blog for Posh Yarn related matters, but you probably won’t find the chatty posts I used to write. If you miss the chatty, come along to Ravelry, where I can be found talking about all kinds of things, fluffy, serious, even (shock, horror) some KNITTING!


I’m delighted to announce a collaboration between Posh Yarn and Boo Knits. The Spirit Collection has just been released and the first pattern of the collection ‘Intrepid Spirit’ has been created for us using one skein of Miranda Heavy Lace and lots of beads (though they are always optional). It is a relatively easy shawl to knit, with the diamonds in the pattern getting larger and more heavily beaded as you progress through the pattern, all ending with a beaded lace border. There are no wrong side pattern rows, nothing complicated and Bev promises that you do not need to be either intrepid or adventurous to knit this shawl.


Free post on everything left in the shop this morning!