So for all who may have missed out on the first mock update, we’re going to do a whole series of them starting tonight (Monday, 26 November)! The first one is scheduled for 8:00 pm GMT with subsequent ones every 4 hours. We’re hoping to get as many Poshies to have an opportunity to try out the new system before it goes live, and again, your feedback is highly valuable. In fact, there will be additional prizes offered to the Posh shopper with the most virtual skeins purchased, and also to a Posh shopper drawn at random from all who successfully place an order.

Here are the official times (in GMT):

Please, please, if you can participate, we would really appreciate it! We’re nearly at the stage of running a real shop update with the new system, and it will be a much less nerve wracking procedure if the system has been well and truly tested (aka battered) beforehand!

This is the URL that you need to use for these updates: http://poshyarn.e-lys.com/shop


We’ve got some new yarn bases coming in the next few weeks, and it’s made me realise that I need to amend some of our yarn names. Some lace weights have been called 2ply (Diana 2ply), others have been called lace (Sadie Lace), and it’s all a little confusing. Since we’ll be adding in some heavy lace weights in existing bases (Diana, Miranda, Gretchen), it makes sense to rename all the yarns with their weight in the name. So, for instance, Diana 2ply will now be called Diana Lace. I’m only doing this in the bases that we have in more than one weight – Diana, Elinor, Martha, for example. Other bases, Madeleine for instance, will remain the same.


Check out the yarn information page on our website, and hopefully all will become clear.


I’m going to confess something (and I bet you won’t be a bit surprised). I totally went off knitting for a while. For months. I actually hated it for a bit. I said to my friends & family, I don’t care if I never knit another stitch in my life. I ruthlessly went through my stash and projects, and gave 99% of them away. I kept two projects – my handspun knee socks, and Blair in cherry red Martha DK. I kept no yarn at all. Everyone said to me, its the time of year, you’re enjoying sewing more now, but come the autumn, you’ll want to knit again. You’re wrong, I thought. So wrong. I worried about it, because how bad is it to be a yarn seller and not knit?! But I really, really didn’t want to. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to knit (or wear). I’m not a sweater kind of girl. I like knitted socks, but I’m not that keen on making them. I have a lot of shawls already. I resigned myself to it, put my knitting bag away, and kept quiet.

And then the weather changed. It started getting chilly. A shawl was suddenly very good to wear, warm but light. I’m not a fan of coats, I don’t like to feel restricted. I realised that I don’t actually have enough shawls, I need them in several more colours. I cast on Bakau in Audrey 4ply. Oh my goodness, Audrey 4ply. I don’t know if I’ve ever knitted with a more amazing yarn (and that includes Sophia & Eva). It was heaven. Like knitting with butter…… but less gross. The pattern was fun too. I zipped along. And before I knew where I was, I was enjoying knitting again. I started queueing patterns. I started pinching yarn from the updates (well, wouldn’t you?!). I have a stash again, this time all Posh.

Now, all I want to do is knit. Sit by the fire, listen to a book or some music, and knit. My sewing machine is gathering dust. I’m halfway through several quilts, and I’ve lost my drive. It seems like so much effort, compared to curling up in a chair and quietly knitting. I guess it really is all seasonal. Knitting is a very hibernatory thing (what, that’s a word!) to do. Very cosy, very gentle. A bowl of soup, as opposed to a salad. The seasons are leading me. That’s okay. It’s nice to be multi faceted.

Look how pretty!


This week’s shop preview is up, but I will have to add the written colour descriptions tomorrow. It’s too dark here for me to see the colours accurately by natural light, and if I do it under artificial lighting, I will get colour casts. So I’ll finish the preview tomorrow morning, and update the details on the Flickr set too.

In the meantime, I’ve some very exciting news. Posh Yarn has been featured in our very first pattern in Twist Collective! Chamomile is a stranded hat & mittens set, using Elinor (it would also work beautifully in any of our other high twist sock yarns, such as Jeannie, Pamela, Erin, or Hannah, and these will happily intermingle too). Rachel has very cleverly used stranded colourwork to mimic lace, and the results are fun & cute!

(Photograph courtesy of Twist Collective, and the copyright of Jane Heller)

This would be a good moment for me to mention that undyed yarn is always available for purchase from us, for colourwork, etc, and that the price is discounted by 10%. I don’t list it in the shop, but if you want a particular base, just email and ask. If we don’t have it, I can usually get it within a few days for you.

ETA: Okay, I’ve added the colour descriptions now.