Some progress shots on my Quill – I’m up to 60 ridges now.

As you can see, the yarn is a little uneven, it almost feels like knitting with a handspun yarn, some places thinner, some places thicker and loosely plied. I quite like it, it adds to the homespun, old fashioned, rustic effect of the shawl.

I defy anyone except Jared Flood to photograph a large cream garter square and make it look interesting!! But I’m still thoroughly enjoying the project. The mindlessness of the garter, coupled with the soft bounciness of the yarn, makes for the ultimate in soothing knits. It has that one-more-row appeal about it.

Simplicity is sometimes the most therapeutic thing there is. This project reminds me of…..

  • Vanilla ice cream
  • A tall glass of cold milk
  • Fresh white linen sheets
  • Homemade rice pudding
  • A sheet of cold pressed ivory writing paper
  • Whipped cream
  • An untouched blanket of snow
  • Puffy white clouds


Feeling very scattered today, too much going on around here, my brain feels like pea soup. So a very scattered blog post.

  • I want these so much.
  • I’m gartering along on Quill, and not bored so far. Have completed 35 ridges, 100 to go and then I can start the edging. Definitely getting faster at garter stitch. Still desperately in love with this new merino yarn. Like knitting with a sheepy cloud.
  • Hoping to snatch a few days away in the next couple of weeks, in the caravan. So far our excursions in it have been limited to sitting in it with a cup of tea and our backgammon board.
  • That makes us sound about 80 years old!
  • If you’re buying a used car, please make sure you get a full check run on it first. We almost went for one, decided at the last minute to pay for a full HPI check, and uncovered some dodgy stuff including mileage falsification and an undeclared insurance write off. Yowzer.
  • I’m reading Beatrix Potter’s journal at the moment. Perfectly splendid.
  • Also, Listening To Depression. A fascinating different take on depression.
  • Why are tee-shirts from the US so much nicer than tee-shirts from the UK? Is the cotton different? It feels softer, thinner. Totally worth the shipping and customs fees.
  • Is anyone else watching the new TV show Awake? So good.
  • I wish my strawberries would hurry up – they are still only in flower. Supermarket berries are so watery and tasteless. I want a strawberry feast.
  • Am I the only one who is already bored by the Olympics and/or Jubilee hype?
  • I don’t like hype.
  • I am loving the lighter evenings, but I’m not a fan of sun pouring through my windows at 5am.
  • I think I want to be vegetarian again.
  • I’m finally getting grey hairs. In my eyebrows! Possibly in my hair too, but I haven’t noticed them there, because my hair is blonde, but my eyebrows are dark, so they are noticeable. 36, going on 37, not too bad an age, right?
  • Tony finally got an iPhone, after longing for one for years. He was so excited about Siri, the voice recognition software. But what a swizz, it only works fully in the USA!
  • My laptop went to hospital last week, and when it came back to me, the wireless internet function wasn’t working properly, which is annoying beyond belief. No more working in bed!!!
  • The keyboard hasn’t been put back properly either. I’m going to have to complain. I hate complaining. To someone’s face, at any rate. Yes, I’m a wuss.
  • I can’t think of anything else.
  • Have a happy Monday!



First things, first: this week’s shop preview is now up! Here’s a screenshot of the Flickr set:

As you can see, it’s a splendidly big update this week. I’m particularly excited about the new addition to the Posh range, a heavy lace or light sock, depending on how you look at it! Here are the details:

Catherine, a heavy lace weight organic merino yarn, 600m / 650 yards per 100g skein, £12.00 per skein.

I showed you the undyed yarn earlier this week, but it’s worth showing you again, with some dyed yarn as a comparison. I’ve never seen a yarn plump up and bloom like this one does! It almost doesn’t look the same yarn.

This yarn is absolutely heaven to knit with; I’ve cast on Quill (in fact, we’re having a knitalong for it on the Posh Ravelry group, if you care to join us!), and the yarn is so lovely that I am facing the acres of plain garter stitch with equanimity, even anticipation! Excuse the rubbish photo, but here’s how it knits up:

I still have a few undyed skeins left, if anyone fancies a cream shawl.


I’m afraid we’re running late again this week! The shop preview won’t be ready until tomorrow. Sorry about that!