Shop Update 27.11.11

This week’s shop preview is now up! And here’s the Flickr set. It’s a doozy!

I must take this opportunity to apologise for last week’s problems with the shop update. The site has recently been moved to a different server, and it just didn’t cope well with the demand on it on Sunday evening. This week should be much better, I hope!!!


Those of you who are in the Posh Knitters group on Ravelry will have been following the saga of our order of Emily yarn. We had to have it custom spun, because the supplier no longer spins it, and so we’ve been waiting for months for it to be ready. When it arrived, we were dismayed to find that it was not the same yarn as the old Emily.

After being scoured, dyed, dried, and twisted, things improved somewhat. We’ve compared it to the original Emily: there definitely is less twist, but its not as splitty as it appeared to be in the undyed state, and the yarn looks more balanced and rounded. There is still a difference between it and the old Emily, slightly less twist, and its maybe a touch less soft and velvety.

So this is what we’ve decided to do. We’re going to price it at £11.50 per skein. This will definitely be the last time we order this yarn – we’ve got 50kg of it, and then its farewell forever.

This week’s update will be mainly Emily. Tony dyed it in batches of 5, so it will be good for smaller projects. The rest of the batch will be dyed in tens, and we’ll do a sweater pack update with it, on the December 11th update. The December 6th update will be a more general update, with the usual selections, so that we aren’t doing two Emily updates in a row, because I know not everyone can use it. I had originally planned to use some of the yarn for the last Random Club shipment, but I don’t think I will now.

Tony asked me to say that he made a particular effort when dyeing the Emily, to do really fantastic colourways. I’m looking at it now, and I can tell you, he brought his A game. Photos later in the week.

I realise that I promised a dawn update in November, but that will be in December now, sorry guys. I think we’ll do it like this:

Nov 27th – mainly Emily, in single skeins, with a little bit of other yarns
Dec 2nd – 2012 Club Sign Ups
Dec 4th – mainly other yarns, with a little Emily
Dec 11th – an Emily sweater pack update (and then I’ll probably list the leftovers from the sweater packs on the Monday, like we’ve done before)
Dec 18th – a dawn update, with mainly other yarns, and the last bit of Emily
Dec 25th – no update
Jan 1st – a normal shop update, with free post for everyone

Then the new yarns should be here, and we can maybe arrange a sweater update including those.

Ok, here’s a photo of the new Emily (purple) next to the old Emily (blue). If you want to zoom in on it, you can see it here.

This Week….

I’ve just finished sorting the yarn for this week’s update, and its a perfectly scrumptious selection! Its a big fat juicy one, lots of sock yarn, and some incredible colourways. Can’t wait to show you.