Customers In Far Off Time Zones (to the UK)

We’ve been talking some more about what we could do for our customers who live in the Southern Hemisphere, Far East, Africa, Middle East, Indonesia, etc. I know the time of the sale is difficult for you, and the new time change doesnt make enough of a difference. We’re thinking of doing a special update for you, maybe once a month (depending on the interest), at a time slot that was specifically tailored to suit the majority of you. Again, we’re discussing it on the Ravelry group, so if you are in one of these countries, would you be kind enough to come along and add your votes and comments? 

Shop Update 30.01.11

Here’s the screenshot of this week’s yarn:

I tried to cram as much in as I could – I think we all need a treat at this time of year!

Just to repeat my earlier posts – the postage cost is now £2.50 for everyone, regardless of your location. And the sale time is now 8pm, an hour later than before, and this is a permanent change. I hope to see you on Sunday!

New Update Time

Ok folks, the votes have been cast, and the new Posh Yarn shop update time will be 8pm from this Sunday onwards! If this isn’t the best time for you, I do apologise, but don’t forget that you can always ask someone to be your personal shopper! We’ve got a bursting-at-the-seams update for you this week, so I hope you can join us!

Random Poshness Club & Other Important News

My apologies for the desert of silence that this blog has become recently. I have been absolutely buried in work, as well as coping with rather more stress and strain than usual. However, some good news! The February edition of the Random Acts Of Poshness will be going out in tomorrow’s post!! I had a lot of fun picking out everyone’s yarn, I hope I hit the nail on the head for each of you! If not, there’s a hungry horde just waiting to trade on our Ravelry group.

Also, we’ve been looking back over the last year’s sales records, and we’re really touched at how many of our customers are from overseas. We want to say thank you to you all, its exciting to see how many of you shop with us weekly, even though you have to wait longer for the yarn than our UK customers. So as a thank you, from this week’s update onwards, ALL customers will be paying a flat postage fee of £2.50, regardless of your location, regardless of how much you buy.

We are open to tweaking the time of the weekly update, if that would make it easier for customers in further time zones (such as NZ and Australia) to shop with us. I’ve put a poll on the Posh group, and we’d welcome your votes. Obviously, we don’t want it to be so late that its inconvenient to the UK poshies – we love you all!!! But I know that some of you have mentioned that a later time could be better for you as well, so we’d like as many votes as possible, please.

Shop Update 23.01.11

I’ve put together an extra luxurious shop update for you this week – I think we need a little bit of spoiling at this time of year! Here’s a glimpse of everything in the preview – for more details, the shop page now has the preview up.