October Cashmere Club

It’s hard to believe that we are already on the penultimate yarn for this year’s club! We’re already looking ahead to ideas for next year’s club, and I’ll keep you posted on that. But there’s still 2 colourways left for this year’s club, so what do we have in store for you this time?

October’s yarn is Eva 8ply, an aran weight yarn, with 100 yards per 55g skein. As usual, you will get your two skeins twisted up into one hank, to try to keep the colours as well matched as possible. But also as usual, I would strongly advise you to alternate skeins as you knit your project, since there will be some variation between the two skeins. I’m not going to tell you anything about the colourway, except to say that it’s one of my favourites that we’ve done, and that it is called Heart On My Sleeve. I think it will knit up gorgeously! Here are my pattern suggestions:

  • Aurelia Cowl
  • Lacy Zig Zag Leg Warmers
  • Bittersweet Vines Cowl & Mitts
  • Barathea Hat
  • Dalia Cowl
  • Montmartre Fingerless Gloves
  • Ptarmigan Cowl
  • Elspeth’s Revenge Scarf
  • Honey Beret
  • Portland Cowl
  • Windward Cowl
  • The yarn was sent today (Thursday September 30th) so it should be with you very soon. I hope you love it!

    Reading Matters

    I know that I’ve told you before that I prefer older fiction to modern. I suppose it’s all a matter of preference, but I just don’t find modern fiction as well written, as believable, as older works. Even books that most people rave over – The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society, for example, which gave me the distinct impression that the author’s inspiration had ended with the title – leave me underwhelmed. I’d rather read a good book that I’ve read twenty times before, than a new book that bores me.

    But lately there have been some gleams of hope. Good fiction may not be dead.

    The Attenbury Emeralds, a Lord Peter Wimsy novel by Jill Paton Walsh, is absolutely wonderful. Almost better than the original Lord Peter series, if you ask me. The characterisation is spot on, there are no jarring modern notes, and the approach to the setting of the novel is both clever and well crafted. I’m listening to this on audio book, and the narration is adding to my pleasure. 

    A Woman Of Consequence, by Anna Dean, is the third Miss Dido Kent mystery, set in Regency Britain. Goodness knows, that period has bee thrashed to death by second rate novelists hoping to cash in on Georgette Heyer’s success, and failing spectacularly. So I always approach novels set in that period with extreme wariness. These books, however, don’t try to emulate anyone, and are quite delightful. There is a good balance between mystery, romance, and wit, and again, no unhistorical anachronisms to grate on one’s nerves. I hope there will be more to come in this series.

    Finally, another Regency series, which has surprised and entranced me. I have tried reading many of the Jane Austen spinoffs, and have hated pretty much all of them. But the Jane Austen mystery series by Stephanie Barron is good. I’m on the sixth at the moment, Jane & The Ghosts Of Netley, and enjoying it immensely. Not as good as the other books I’ve mentioned, but still very readable. I could wish for fewer editorial footnotes, but I’m picky like that.

    Aside from those, I recently bought myself the complete works of Saki in one volume, but I’m saving that for my trip. I rather wish I’d saved The Attenbury Emeralds for the trip too, but it’s too late now, I’ve greedily gobbled most of it up over the last two days.

    Tea Time

    Ok, I’m starting a campaign to reinstate traditional afternoon tea. Who will join me? I’m not talking about a mug of coffee and a measly digestive biscuit, either. I’m talking good old fashioned teatime treats: crumpets, muffins, scones, buttered toast, fruit cake, and PROPER TEA (preferably brewed in a pot with a cosy!). Any time between 3 and 4pm, I’d say. Spread the word! Tell your friends! Autumn is the best possible time to reintroduce this cheering tradition. Extra brownie points if you have something really old fashioned, like gentleman’s relish sandwiches!!

    (for those who want to know, here is a brief clarification of the difference between afternoon tea, and high tea)


    Goodness, I can’t seem to get back into this blogging lark. I blame Twitter; I can now only think of short soundbites to say….. I may have some actual knitting content to show you soon though.

    Shop Update 26.09.10 – Part II

    Miranda 4ply Lady Killers

    Sylvia 4ply Laughing At Myself

    Sylvia 4ply Around The World

    Sylvia 4ply Dressed Up To The Nines

    Sylvia 4ply Barn Raising

    Martha Trumpet Voluntary

    Martha Gypsy Caravan

    Martha Inverness

    Martha DK Rhumba

    The shop preview is now up, see you on Sunday at 7pm!