Where Were We?

Ok, I have a confession. I’ve been busy having a good old pity party for myself lately. Believe me, I had good reason for it, several good reasons. I’ve been feeling beaten up, knocked down, down and out. It wasn’t pretty.

And you know what? We all get to feeling sorry for ourselves sometimes. I think we have the right, when life throws you some sucker punches.

But after a little bit, you’ve gotta get out of your corner and come back fighting. And that’s what I’m doing. I refuse to be beaten. I refuse to give in. Life’s dealt me some knocks over the years, but I’ve come through them, and I can do it again.


(Which is all another way of saying, I’m back!)

Shop Update 29.08.10

I’m delighted to launch a new sock yarn this week. It’s very, VERY similar to Elinor, the same high twist, the same soft handle, but it has 10% nylon for a bit of extra strength and resilience. I’ve named it Jeannie, after my mother, who has those qualities in spades! It has 400 yards per 100g skein, and is priced at £12.00. I think you are going to love it.

Because the preview photos were late this week, I’ll just show you a screenshot of the entire collection together.

The full shop preview is now up, see you Sunday at 7pm!

Rebellion in the Ranks

As you probably know, I’m pretty strict with my weekly schedule. Thursday is photograph day. I like to get the preview up by Thursday, so everyone has plenty of browsing time. But today it’s just. not. happening. My bottom seems to be superglued to the chair. My eyelids are heavvvvvvy. “Just DO IT!” I told my body. And it blew a raspberry at me.

So I’m postponing until tomorrow. No previews until then, I’m afraid! Sorry folks…..

Taking A Break

What with one thing and another, I seem to have lost my blogging mojo lately. So I’m going to take a little blog break. I’ll still be dropping in towards the end of the week, to show you the previews for the upcoming sale, but apart from that, things will be quieter around here. It’s only temporary, I’m sure. And behind the scenes, I’ll still be thinking about you all, I’ll just be doing it quietly.