Hot Or Not


  • My new treadmill. Apparently, treadmills minimise the impact on your joints by up to 15%. So I’m hoping that I can start running again, without getting such knee and hip pain (I was running on roads before, which is tough on your joints). I really hope so, because we had such a job getting this bad boy into our tiny cottage and into the spot we wanted it, that I dont think it’s ever leaving.
  • Toast. I got some fabulous stuff in the mid season sale.
  • Homegrown peas. WOW.
  • Winter Kitty artisan perfume. I have one of her perfumes – amazing – but I love the sound of this one. Not to mention the product shot.
  • This cover version of Ruby by Kaiser Chiefs. And this one of Bohemian Rhapsody.
  • Bill Bryson’s new book, At Home. Fascinating and funny.
  • A performance of Pride & Prejudice in the grounds of one of our local castles, complete with picnic and knitting project.


  • eBay. At least, not for sellers. I listed a bunch of vintage clothes and expensive shoes a couple of weeks ago, and didn’t even get a quarter of what I was hoping for them. Sigh.
  • Football. They think it’s all over – well, it is now!!!
  • Anthropologie. They’ve rigged their website so that I can no longer access the US one, it automatically forwards me to the UK one, and I can’t figure a way around it. Annoying, because the UK site has such a limited range.
  • Jaffa keeps killing baby birds. But I think we’ve stopped him – we’ve hung FOUR bells around his collar (one just wasn’t working). Now he sounds like Christmas. Lol.
  • Sugar. I’m trying to do a 30 day sugar fast, suggested by a book on PMS. Argh, I’ve managed one week, and it’s killing me. But I’ve lost 2lbs already, so maybe it will help me drop the last 15 lbs I really wanted gone.
  • Versailles. I’d finally got to the waist shaping bit. But oh, I’d decided that I would knit it in the round. Even though 4ply grows slooooooowly. Anyway, I found to my horror, after 5 inches of knitting, that I had twisted it when I joined it in the round, right back at the cast on. AND I HADN’T NOTICED. There’s no way I’m pulling it back and starting again. For one thing, when I tried to pull it back, I discovered that the yarn twists around the twist, so every round you frog, you have to thread the yarn through a loop. GAH.  

Who Are You?

How well do you know yourself? Do you like who you are? In theory there should be no one in the world who knows us better than ourselves, but in practise, an awful lot of people pull the wool over their own eyes. They have a fixed idea of who they should be, and spend all their time and energy trying to convince themselves and others that that’s who they really are. But it doesn’t work, not really. Most of us have a pretty good radar for fakeness, and there’s nothing more offputting than someone who wears an assumed personality. At least, to me. I value honesty very highly, and that includes the way that people portray themselves to others. Besides, there’s a trust issue when you know that someone is behaving in an insincere way. Why can’t you trust me enough to be genuine around me?

Granted, we all try to project a better version of ourselves, especially around people we don’t know well. But how far do you let that extend? Are you so invested in that better version that you’ve forgotten who the real you underneath it is? I’ll guarantee you, the people who matter would much prefer it if you dropped all pretence, and were just you, authentic, sincere, genuine, flawed, human, YOU.

On a more frivolous level, this also applies to how we look. So many of us spend a great deal of energy, time, and money trying to change our appearance. Why?? You are who you are. No one else is like you, and you shouldn’t try to be like someone else. I wish that the media didn’t push such a narrow ideal onto girls, so that they think they have to squeeze themselves into this perfect mould to be attractive, acceptable even. Not that there’s very much we could do about the media. But as women, we can set the example for the girls growing up around us. If we learn to embrace the features that make us who we are, instead of struggling to compress them into a bland copycat version of some celebrity, then they might learn to enjoy their own uniqueness too.

If you have curls, let them run riot. If you have curves, rejoice in them. If you have a big nose, wear it with pride. If your teeth are crooked, smile for all the world to see. These things make you you. 

And that’s someone you should be proud to be. 

Shop Update 27.06.10 – Part II

Sylvia 2ply Lonely Hearts

Daisy 2ply I Surrender

Daisy 4ply Gather Ye Roses

Daisy 4ply Don’t Blame Yoko

Martha Whisper In My Ear

Martha All Hail The King

Sylvia DK Carnival Queen

Sylvia DK Oy With The Poodles Already

The shop preview is now up – don’t forget to be here when the shop opens at 7pm on Sunday!

Shop Update 27.06.10 – Part I

Finally, finally, we got in some stocks of Sophia and Eva! Not a lot, unfortunately, so grab ’em while you can. Here are some of my favourites:

Sophia 2ply Once Upon A Time

Eva 2ply Stop The Clocks (this week’s cover shot)

Eva 2ply Bluebell Wood (June’s Cashmere Club spares)

Sophia 4ply Wild Campion

Eva 4ply Longest Day

Eva 4ply Buttercup

Sophia 6ply Marriage Of True Minds

Eva 6ply Tread Lightly

More tomorrow!

When Life Hands You Lemons……

……. if you’re lucky, someone else will make you lemonade!!!

Look at this amazing shawl. Last week, the postman delivered a smart black box, and inside was the most stunning shawl, a zingy lime/lemon colour (in Maisie, colourway When Life Hands You lemons), circular in design (the pattern is Daffodils by Marianne Kinsel) and delicately beaded, just the most beautiful amazing shawl. It drapes perfectly over my shoulders, folded in half, its just the right size.

Me and Tony sat and gazed at it for a solid five minutes. I can’t tell you how touched I am that someone would gift something so precious to me.

Did I tell you how much I adore my customers???