The Waiting Game

As you probably know, I like to be organised. I like routine and structure. So I tend to have quite a disciplined working week. Monday is post day. Tuesday I sort the yarn out for the upcoming update, name and list it. Wednesday is photographs and getting the preview ready. Then the rest of the week is time off, apart from emails, blogging, etc.

But sometimes, you have to be a little more flexible. Like this week. We had some new yarn come in at the end of last week, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get some on this week’s update. So Tony dyed on Monday, and the yarn is currently drying, ready for me to list and photograph tomorrow and Friday. So a very late preview this week, but I know you’ll agree that it was worth it.

The new yarns are both dk weight, Martha DK and Sylvia DK, and I could not be happier with them. I know we’ve had a bit of a gap in our range when it comes to dk, which is silly, because dk is so versatile, and suitable for all year round knitting. So these two yarns, added to Elinor DK and Helena DK, will fill that gap. I am especially in love with the Sylvia DK. I might have to swipe some of that for myself.

Since I can’t work today, I’m taking a day off to knit, bake bread, and potter around in the house. The weather is dreadful, although not as bad as it is in some areas of the UK (I hope all my Scottish customers are coping ok!). So I’m just going to nest today. Whatever you are doing, have a good one!

The Golden Rule

I’m sure that most of you will be familiar with what is often called The Golden Rule, do to others what you would have them do to you. Such a simple, seemingly obvious statement, and yet so very hard to put into practise. We want others to treat us with compassion and kindness and understanding, but we find ourselves being judgmental and gossipy. We want people to be patient and peaceable and polite, but we react to situations with irritation and flare up and retaliate in kind when provoked.

This might seem like a strange topic for what is essentially a business blog, but I think it has a huge bearing on your success in business. I find it easier to apply when it comes to my customers than I do in every day life, for some reason, and I think that it has contributed to a really good relationship with my customers. I try to treat them with courtesy, no matter what, to be generous, to be conscientious, all qualities that I hope to see in other people’s treatment of me. And it works. I’m occasionally reminded of the flip side of this rule when I hear about poor business practises or ill manners of a business person (thankfully rare, but it does happen). It surprises me that they don’t realise that their behaviour will return to them in the end. We all learn in the end, some of us the hard way.

But coming back to me, because this isn’t meant to be a diatribe against others, but rather some musings I’ve been having recently about my own personality. Why is it so hard to implement this rule when it comes to personal relationships? At least, to implement it consistently? I think what it comes down to is this: we all think we are right. We all have our own version of reality, a set of rules for life, and a way of looking at the world that is singularly ours, something we’ve developed over time. And because we’ve created that reality ourselves, we think it is accurate, that our way of looking at things and doing things is the only right, correct way. That everyone else has got it slightly wrong. This is the way our brain works, instinctively.

But the problem is, this way of thinking makes humility very difficult. And it takes humility to treat others how you want them to treat you, when they are doing anything but. We want everyone to acknowledge that we are right, and so we fight and push to try to make them concede. By reacting to any negative behaviour with humility and kindness and compassion, we give up our right to be right. We say, “It doesn’t matter to me who is right or wrong here, what matters is being kind and loving and generous in spirit.” Really, we are going one step further, and showing that there is no definitive right or wrong to the situation, that there doesnt have to be a winner and a loser, that everyone has their own window of perception onto the world, and that their perception is just that, a perception, not a set in stone reality. We give up the power struggle in favour of living a gentler life, of trying to do good to others without the need for acknowledgement that our way is the best way.

It’s not surprising that it’s difficult, really, when that goes directly against the way that many in society live their lives. And that goes against our baser instincts and impulses. I’ll freely admit that it’s a huge struggle for me, and most of the time I find myself reacting to things and only remembering after the fact that there’s a better way of doing things. Just gotta keep on trying, keep on trying……


April Cashmere Club

Is it just me, or did that winter zip by?!? Spring is now officially here, and the gardens are waking up and blossoming. One of my favourite Spring flowers inspired April’s Cashmere Club colourway. I won’t give too much away, because I know that lots of you love to have a surprise. But I’ve called this colourway “Tulip Time”, because I think it perfectly captures the prettiness of these flowers. The yarn is Eva 4ply, and as before, we dyed the yarn and twisted it into double skeins, so your two 55g skeins are twisted into 1 big one, to try to ensure that the skeins match well. So don’t worry if you open your parcel and see only 1 skein!

Here are some of the patterns I think would work really well with April’s yarn:

The yarn is being sent out today, so it should be with you very soon! I hope you love it, and that it brings Springtime to you, wherever you are.

Shop Update 28.03.10 – Part III

Martha Aran Smugglers Cove

Martha Aran Thrill Seeker

Martha Aran Robin’s Egg

Martha Aran Spice Of Life

Martha Aran Petroyshka

Martha Aran Bilbo Baggins

The shop preview is up, see you Sunday! This is the weekend that we change to British Summertime (hurrah!), GMT+1, so our clocks go forward by one hour. Don’t forget to adjust the sale time accordingly!