Shop Update 01.11.09 – Part II

Sylvia 4ply Country Mouse

Miranda 4ply Don’t Panic (this week’s cover shot)

Miranda 4ply Bonhomie

Martha Across A Crowded Room

Martha Cougar

Elinor Plaid

Elinor Pooh Corner

Elinor Mockingbird

The full preview is now up. See you Sunday!

Shop Update 01.11.09 – Part I

I tried extra, extra hard with the photos this week. I think it shows, at least I hope so! We rewound a few of the skeins to show off the colour combinations better, so you’ll have to tell me what you think of the new look. I must say, they look so pretty when they are rewound, I almost wish we could do all of them that way. Just look:

(Don’t Panic, Bonhomie, Across A Crowded Room, Pooh Corner, and Mockingbird)

Anyway, here are some of my lace weight favourites from this week’s yarn:

Sylvia 2ply Heffalump

Miranda 2ply Mayfair

Miranda 2ply I Shot The Sheriff

Miranda 2ply Mirror Mirror

Miranda 2ply Boquinene

Miranda 2ply Will O’Wisp

Diana 2ply Be Excellent

Sock weight picks tomorrow!

Poorly Mr P.

I have a sick man on my hands. Tony has chronic asthma, which has been getting worse lately, and now on top of that, has what I think is bronchitis. He’s been bad since Thursday of last week. And as with most sick men, he’s…… ah……. let’s say high maintenance when he’s unwell. Add to that the fact that I have no employees coming in to work this week, since it doesn’t seem fair to drown them in germs, and you’ll see that I have my hands rather full. So blogging may be a little sketchy this week, as I play nurse/maid/parcel-packer/Jack-of-all-trades.

(On a more cheerful note, last week I booked plane tickets to go and see my lovely Plucky girl, for 10 days in December, with two of my closest friends. Woooohoooooo!!!) 

Shop Update 25.10.09 – Part II

Sylvia 4ply Pilgrim

Miranda 4ply Holly Golightly

Miranda 4ply Morning Glory

Miranda 4ply Flibbertigibbet

Martha Winter Moon

Elinor Paradise

Elinor Scree

Elinor Angel Eyes

See you Sunday, and don’t forget that the clocks change in Britain this Saturday, so if you live overseas, the sale time will be different! You can check the time here – we will be on GMT (instead of the GMT+1 that we have been on all summer).

Shop Update 25.10.09 – Part I

Thank you all so much for your comments and suggestions on yesterday’s post. I have edited some of the photos, with the help of one of our customers who is an expert, and they look a little better. Its something I will continue to work on, and hope to improve. Some of you commented that the background appears to change colour between shots – I use a white background, but sometimes in order to get the yarn colours¬†to come out accurately, I have to tweak the white balance, and that can give a cast to the background. I haven’t found a workable solution to this yet, but I’ll keep trying. In the meantime, thank you for all your lovely comments!!

Here are some of my favourites from this week’s yarn:

Sylvia 2ply Social Climber

Sylvia 2ply Astral

Miranda 2ply Bark

Miranda 2ply Avonlea

Miranda 2ply Sanctuary

Miranda 2ply Mona Lisa

Diana 2ply Frankly, My Dear (hard to photograph, but amazing in person)

Sylvia 4ply Berkeley Square

More picks tomorrow!