October Sock Club


Can you believe it’s nearly October already?! This is the penultimate sock club shipment – how fast that year went! The yarn went out in today’s mail, so it should be with members very soon. This time we used my current favourite sock yarn, Elinor, a tightly spun superwash merino, which has 400 yards per 100g skein.

For the colourway, I was inspired by an autumn fireworks display, bright colours on a muted background. I wanted it to be a colourway with a lot of different colours in it, in Tony’s special subtle way. And he’s done a beautiful job. I gave him the theme, and he interpreted it with his usual flair.

However, a colourway that has lots of subtle colours is virtually impossible to replicate over a dye lot of 110 skeins (we always do extra). And so there is a great deal of variation between all the skeins. They are all beautiful, they all capture the theme, but they are all completely individual. So please, please don’t be upset if your skein doesn’t look identical to someone else’s, and if anyone does post spoiler photos, please don’t have any exact expectations as to your own skein being the same as that one, because it almost certainly won’t be (which is why I haven’t taken any photos myself.

That proviso having been said, I really think everyone will love this colourway. I know I do. I may have swiped a skein for myself! Here are my pattern suggestions for the yarn:

Gretya Socks

Kernel Scarf

Sinusoida Socks

Little Colonnade Shawl

Bodice Ripper Socks

Baana Scarf

Bines Socks

Hearts On Fire Scarf

Weasley Rib Socks

Life’s A Beach Shawl

Xanthophyll Socks

Multnomah Shawl

Podster Gloves

A final word about the sock club: we’ve talked and talked, and we really don’t think that we will continue it on in 2010. Tony feels that his time would be better spent in dyeing extra yarn for updates, or in doing one off kits. The way he dyes does not easily lend itself to replicating a colourway over such a large amount of yarn, and he gets a little stressed trying to do so. So although I’m not saying we definitely won’t be doing the sock club, there’s a good chance we won’t. But if we don’t, we’ll try to come up with fun one off yarn events for you all instead. In the meantime, enjoy the last couple of club yarns!

Handspun Cardigan

After a week of madly knitting in every spare moment, I finished Albie’s baby cardigan on Saturday. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a sense of achievement doing anything as I did knitting that cardigan from my own handspun. It was awesome. Here’s a reminder of what the roving was like:

And here’s the little cardigan:

I used the Offset Wraplan pattern, modifying it slightly to have a seed stitch border, rather than a ribbed border. I made the 0-3 months size, and used about 220 yards of yarn. Its too big for little Albie at the moment, but when it does fit him, I’ll take a modelled shot.

Cuteness overload!!! 

What do you think of it?!



Please give a big Posh warm welcome to the very first Posh baby!!!

Albert Jonah Cooze was born at 9.58am on September 24th 2009, weighing 6lb 8oz. Mum and baby are absolutely fine, and the rest of us are very teary!

Congratulations Gerd & Zara!!!!!!!!