Shop Update 30.08.09 – Part II

Some more of my favourites:

Esme Harvest

Esme Steeplechase

Sylvia 4ply Hamptons

Daisy 4ply South of the Border

Martha Trust Fund

Helena 4ply Deep Thought

Elinor Wild Child (this week’s cover shot)

Elinor Vanity Fair

The full shop preview is now up. See you on Sunday!

Shop Update 30.08.09 – Part I

Well, I’ve been feeling quite smug lately about the shop photos. I really thought I had it cracked. But this week, there was a conspiracy between all my equipment, to knock that smugness right outta me. For some reason, I couldn’t get them to look colour accurate, and attractive this week. Maybe I’m just being super critical though, and you’ll think they look fine. Here are some of my favourite colourways:

Miranda Aruba

Claudia 2ply Danceoff

Sophia 2ply Cameo

Sylvia 2ply Funny Face

Diana 2ply Sea Breeze

Diana 2ply Twitter

Eva 4ply Castaway

Esme Bahamas

More picks tomorrow!


Thank you all for those wonderful suggestions! I’m going to print them out and keep them nearby, for whenever I need cheering. It certainly will help that the house is nearly done now, for one thing, it’s much much brighter and lighter than it used to be, and that’s important in wintertime. The kitchen is irtually finished now, but we’ve been waiting for wall tiles to come in for weeks now, and until they arrive I don’t want to show you any photos of the kitchen. But as soon as I can, I will! We’re already planning our next project, the bathroom, which will be the last room in the house that needs doing. I must be mad, I haven’t recovered from the kitchen yet!! But it will be so nice to have the whole house done. Next year we are going to concentrate on the garden, which is a large one. We’re going to have veggie patches, for one thing! 

Farewell Summer

It’s no good, I can’t ignore it any more. Summer is nearly over. The weather is getting cooler, the evenings are getting darker, the blackberries are starting to appear, and the shops are full of Back To School signs.

All of my life I’ve greeted the end of summer, and the beginning of autumn, with glee. Autumn was always my favourite season, and I didn’t even mind winter. But the last two winters have been….. difficult. Challenging. And I must confess, I’m not looking forward to this one at all. I’m getting a bit experienced now at SAD, I know the stuff I need to do (get outside as much as possible, exercise daily, use a lightbox), but I still can’t help being a bit daunted by the prospect of winter.

So, I need your help. Tell me all the good things about autumn/winter, all the things you look forward to, and what tricks you employ to make the dark months pass easier. Help me find my winter cozy again.

Over to you……..

Shop Update 23.08.09 – Part II

Some more of my favourites:

Sylvia 4ply Triumph

Sylvia 4ply Enlightened

Martha As You Like It

Esme Duenna

Emily Sprout

Emily Flapper

Elinor Orchid (our new highly spun merino yarn)

Elinor Treasure Island (this week’s cover shot

The shop preview is now up. See you on Sunday!