Shop Update 02.08.09 – Part I

I’m suffering a bit of angst about my photos at the moment. Since I switched to editing them on the new laptop, they seem to be more colour accurate (according to feedback), but when I look at them on the old laptop they look so dull and dark and unappealing. It’s a worry, and I’d love to know what you all think.

Anyway, here are some of my favourites from this week’s selection:

Daisy 2ply Brave Face

Daisy 2ply Minx

Diana 2ply Allure

Diana 2ply Cloudburst

Diana 2ply Buttercup

Sylvia 2ply Marina

More previews tomorrow!

Things I Have Learned This Week

  • If the little plate that sits on top of the gas flame on the cooker top gets knocked out of place while you are cooking, use a cloth to pick it up. Even if you turn the heat off, the plate will still be Remarkably Hot, and however fast you drop it upon realising this fact, it will not be fast enough to retain the skin on your fingers. 
  • If, however, you discover this fact after it has happened, a good soak in iced water, followed by a dab of chamomile oil, may stop the fingers blistering. Amazingly, it can work even if the blisters have already formed.
  • When a delivery driver knocks at the door with a Very Large box of yarn, and he has used a trolley to bring it from the van to your door, it probably isn’t a good idea for you to attempt to carry it from the door to the store room on your own. Your back will protest. Loudly.
  • It is entirely possible to read, surf the Internet, watch TV, and eat a meal while laying flat on your back on the floor. But knitting in this position is slightly more challenging. Not impossible, just challenging.
  • When you have the kind of husband who will sand a wall down without moving or covering things, it probably isn’t worthwhile taking the time to clean the plaster dust off every little last thing. At least, not until after he has sanded down wooden worktops, covering everything with a fresh layer of dust. NB. If you have already been through this experience before, when said husband sanded a wooden floor in the living room without moving a thing, including your knitting bag, then really, you have no excuse. You should have known this already.
  • One can get very tired of living on chips and baked beans. Very.
  • Reading exciting new cookery books when you don’t have anywhere to cook may bring tears to your eyes. Not happy tears.
  • It rains a lot in Britain. Even in the summer. Especially in the summer.
  • Any, or all, of the above trials can be counteracted by an evening, spent with some of your closest friends, cackling over a bottle of wine. Thank heavens for that.



Things that have been distracting me lately from all the chaos:

On MP3:

Cotillion; Heidi; The Ivory Dagger; At Home In Mitford (not keen on this one so far though)

In books:

The Selected Journals of L.M.Montgomery (all five of them!); The Diary of Mattie Spenser; Alice’s Tulips; India’s Vegentarian Cooking

On TV:

Dragon’s Den; All Creatures Great And Small; 8 Simple Rules; Grand Designs (very comforting to see others’ house disasters)

In Knitting:

I am this close to finishing Flyte. Should be done this week (although it may be some time before I work up the nerve to do the steeks and seaming). I think I’m going to knit Tony the Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan next, in some oatmeal Donegal Tweed. Probably. But I may still start Venezia. Haven’t decided yet. Both involve steeks. Eek!


I was going to show you some photos of the kitchen today, but then I reconsidered. Mondays are hard enough without any extra misery. And this house is currently No. 1 Misery Street, Nightmareville. I’d tell you all about it, about the fact that everything, every single last item in the kitchen is now covered in a thick layer of plaster dust because Somebody thought it would be a good idea to sand the walls down without covering the boxes of crockery, pans, food, etc. Or about the fact that I haven’t had a sink, running water, worktops, or cupboards for the last three days. But instead, let’s focus on something pleasant, something peaceful, before my head goes POP.

The cats, bless their hearts, have been as good as gold while the renovations are going on. I shut them up in the bedroom, and they just curl up and sleep on the bed until I can let them out again.

But I think I speak for all of us when I say that we will be very glad indeed to get this job over, and have our home back again.