Friday Photo Finish

Some more of the ones I wish I could keep from this week’s sale……

Persis 4ply (aka Baby Camel) Liasion

Lei Ennui

Emily Zany

Emily Clandestine

Alice Merry Men

Charlotte 8ply Pilgrim

And I’m delighted to show you a new feature of our shop preview – you can now view all the yarn photos in their original large size on our Flickr page. We’ve got some old favourites returning in the next few weeks, including Alice (handspun cashmere), Lisette (aran weight silk), and Persis (which used to be called Baby Camel). And we’ve got lace weight versions of Diana & Miranda (which were originally cobweb weight) for you to try out. So many goodies! This is the last week of just yarn in the shop update, from next week we’ll have fibre too. It’s all so very exciting!!

The shop preview is now up, happy browsing!

Hurrah! Hurrah!!

I’m so happy with this week’s photos! Finally, I’m beginning to be able to capture how amazing Tony’s colourways are. Here are some that I love from this Sunday’s update:

Charlotte 2ply Atlantis (this week’s cover shot)

Diana Mentor

Sophia 2ply Treasure Island

Eva 2ply Noble

Sophia 4ply Ceilidh

Charlotte 4ply Sanctuary

More favourites tomorrow!

Roving, roving, everywhere, and not a second to spin!

If I could give you a guided tour of our house at the moment, your eyes would pop out of your head. Imagine this, but everywhere…….

Piles of coiled up roving, bags of fibre waiting to be carded, buckets of dyed yarn, sacks of undyed yarn – the house is at bursting point! I need to start getting some of it all into the shop, otherwise we’ll end up sleeping in a tent in the garden.    

Thanks to the help of some lovely Ravellers, I’ve worked out a way to improve my photography, and I tested it out yesterday. I’m delighted with the results, the colours are bright and saturated, just as I’ve always wanted them to be. I’m really excited about doing this week’s yarn photographs now, and I hope that this shop update will be our prettiest yet. We’re still busy twisting all the skeins up, but I can tell you now that Tony has really outdone himself. There are some gorgeously Springlike colourways, mmm mmmmm. We’ve finally taken on staff to help us with our workload, and it’s working so well that I’m wondering why on earth we waited so long. Expect to see some exciting things coming out of the Posh workshop in the next few months!!  

Posh News

Very exciting news! From 1st March, we will be back to having weekly shop updates, every Sunday. And from 8th March, our updates will include our gorgeous new hand dyed roving and batts. Squeeeee!!!!!!! There’ll be lots of lovely previews here on the blog, so keep your eye on it.

This is BFL roving, and unfortunately for me, its going to be my job to spin this up, as a sample. Ah, the things I have to do in the name of Posh. Speaking of spinning, I finished this last week, it’s Falkland, Navajo plied to keep the long colour repeats intact:  

I’m getting better. Slowly but surely. If only I had more time for it! And more time for knitting too. I’m frantically trying to finish the baby cardigan for my friend, because a) she’s going to go pop soon, and b) its time to move on to the next baby knit, because our posh partners and best friends, Zara & Gerd, found out this week that they are expecting their first baby. Congratulations guys, you’re going to make awesome parents!!!   

It’s all go around here at the moment, never a dull moment!!!!

Posh Fibre

Popping my head up to give you a glimpse of the Top Secret Work going on here:

Hand dyed roving, and blended batts, in BFL, merino, Falkland, Shetland, alpaca, baby camel, silk, angora, cashmere, and the all essential sparkles. Starting March 8th. Be there, or miss out on these goodies and oh so very much more.