Pssst, wanna hear a secret?

All your begging/pleading/bribing/campaigning has paid off – The Posh Yarn Sock Club is back!!!

And it’s better than ever (at least I think so!). The Club will run throughout 2009, with yarn being sent out every other month. Rather than using the same base yarn throughout, as we did last time, you will receive a different type of yarn each time, giving you a fantastic opportunity to try out some of our most popular yarns. The yarns being featured (not necessarily in this order, of course) are:

Emily – 80% lambswool, 10% angora, 10% cashmere, 360 yards per 100g, normal price is £13. 

Laura – 80% merino, 20% cashmere, 400 yards per 100g, normal price is £14.

Lei – 65% supermerino, 20% bamboo, 15% silk, 380 yards per 100g, normal price is £13.

Helena 4ply – organic merino, 360 yards per 100g, normal price is £11.

Charlotte 4ply – 50% merino/50% silk, 400 yards per 100g, normal price is £13.

Claudia 4ply – pure alpaca, 430 yards per 100g, normal price is £13.

Along with each shipment of yarn, you will receive a club newsletter, telling you about our inspiration for that month’s colourway, and suggesting a few suitable patterns. I know that many of you will want to use the yarn for something other than socks, and so we’ll be taking that into account when planning our colourways and picking out pattern ideas. The yarn will be sent out at the start of February, April, June, August, October, and December. 

Signups will open at 7pm on Sunday January 4th, and places will be limited. Membership costs £70 for the year, so as well as giving you a lovely treat throughout the year, you are also saving money, about 10% on the retail cost of the yarn. Postage costs will be £10 for UK members, £15 for European members, and £18 for international members (this is taking into account the fact that postage costs are going up a little bit in April, as Royal Mail are raising their prices). So, here’s the total cost of a year’s membership of the Posh Yarn Sock Club:

UK Membership: £80

European Membership: £85

International Membership: £88

When you checkout, you will be able to see three postage options, depending on where you live. Please make sure you select the correct one! Once all the spots are filled, the Club will show as being sold out. Good luck! 

PS. Our next regular shop update will be Sunday January 11th, and will include several new yarns. More on that to come!! 

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009!

Phew, that was quite the sale last night! We sure are going out with a bang! Today will be a mad dash to get all the parcels packed and sent out (hopefully most of them will get to you before Christmas). Then from tomorrow, we are closed for the holidays. We re-open (with a shop update, including some much anticipated new yarn) on January 4th 2009.

I’m planning a few days of r&r this week, because the last few weeks have been manic, and then we’re plunging straight into more house remodelling. I know, we should be making the most of the time off, but since our plans involve major disruption of the stock room/office, it’s sensible for us to do it while everything is shut down. So while you are eating, drinking, and generally making merry, think of us knocking down walls, painting, wallpapering, carpeting, and so on (but don’t feel too sorry for us, I’m hoping we’ll be finished it all within a week, so that we can put our feet up for the rest of the holidays). I’m looking forward to showing you more photos of our nest when I return in January.

So, until then, thank you all so much, much more than I can say, for your support of Posh Yarn in 2008. It hasn’t been the easiest of years for us, but your friendship, kindness, interest, and supportiveness has kept us going through the difficult bits, and cheered us on during the happier bits. You make our business an absolute pleasure, and we treasure each and every one of you. Take good care of yourselves while we’re away, enjoy peace and happiness and plenty of knitting time! We’ll see you in 2009…….

XXXXXX, Dee & Tony

Ultimate Yarn Party Part II

Some more of my favourites from this week:

Laura Botany

Laura Drift

Lei Illusionist

Emily Tantalize

Helena Aran Majesty

Lisette Regent

Lisette Astral

Lisette LOL

Lisette Empire

Lisette Dragons

The shop preview is now up. See you on Sunday at 7pm!

Ultimate Yarn Party Part I

I’m getting there! The photographing is done, just got to label it all now. Phew! Here are some of my favourites so far:

Arabella Meadow

Beatrice Pas de Deux

Beatrice Elvish

Sophia 2ply Eeyore

Sophia 2ply Honeycomb

Eva 2ply Beatnik

Sophia 4ply Summit

Eva 4ply Tiffany’s (one of my all time favourites)

Eva 4ply Rock Chick

Emily Bollywood (this week’s cover shot)

More previews tomorrow!

Yarn Mountain

Today’s the day when I usually show you the first set of preview photos from the shop update. But this week I’m running a leetle bit behind. Partly because we’re doing updates two weeks in a row, so I’ve been juggling packing with prepping for the next update. Partly because I also had to get the mitten kits out this week. But mainly because this week’s update is


Seriously, we’re talking the biggest update ever in the history of Posh Yarn (and possibly the history of the world!). It’s huuuuuuge. I’m photographing today, and with a bit of luck, I’ll have some preview photos to show you later.

I wanted this, our last shop update of the year, to be a very big and very special one. After Sunday’s update, we will be closed until January, so this one has to tide you over until then! Also, as I mentioned a while ago, I’m very reluctantly putting up the prices on lots of our yarn in January. So I wanted to give you a chance to stock up at the lower prices. I asked Tony to really pull all the stops out when he was dyeing this week’s yarn, to make it an extra special update, and he’s even exceeded my expectations. I know you are going to love the selection we’ve got for you. And I’ve included the last few mitten kits and some Helena Aran (which many of you have been requesting) for good measure.

So, whatever you have planned for Sunday night, make sure you can get to a computer for the update at 7pm. I want all of my lovely, funny, special, kind, supportive customers to be involved in this last, very special update of 2008. Let’s go out with a bang!!