Flyte is coming along beeyootifully – I’m only a few rows away from the armhole shaping. It’s a gorgeous pattern, although one thing that is really bugging me (and yes, I know I could have recharted it myself to put this right, but I couldn’t be bothered) is that it is knit in the round, but the charts don’t match up at each side, so there’s a weird jog in the pattern. Having the pattern continuous seems like one of the main purposes of knitting in the round, to me at least, but never mind.

Fair Isle is so much fun, especially when the colours change every couple of rows as they are doing. In fact it’s really hard to put it down. Forgive me the terrible photographs – I’m knitting it on a pretty small circular needle, so everything is bunched up together. When I get a bit further on I’ll thread it onto some waste yarn and photograph it properly.  

Today I’ve been photographing the yarn for this week’s update, and oh boy have I got some gorgeous yarn for you!!! We’ve got Sophia 2ply and 4ply, Eva 2ply and 4ply, Laura, Emily, Lei, Amelia, Sophia 8ply, and Lisette, an aran weight single ply pure silk yarn. Squeee!!!

Price Changes

Well, the change in the dollar/pound exchange rate is great for my US customers, but not so great for us. We pay our biggest supplier in US$, and this morning I had a very nasty shock. A few weeks ago I paid for a big order, but the funds went to the wrong bank account, and I had to wait for them to be returned so that I could resend them. In the meantime, the pound fell against the dollar (I hope I have that right!). Today I resent the payment, five weeks after the original payment, and it ended up costing me £500 more than last time, because of the exchange rate. That’s a lot of money!!!! I was already gloomily thinking I would have to raise some of the prices a little bit, but now I definitely will have to. I hate to do it to you, but needs must.

So, from January the following price changes will apply. (and if I was you, I would grab some of the yarn now while its cheaper!)

Sophia 2-8ply – £11 (was £10) per 55g
Eva 2-8ply – £9 (was £8) per 55g
Emily – £13 (was £12) per 100g
Laura – £14 (was £12) per 100g
Lei – £13 (was £12) per 100g

Our other yarn prices will remain the same.

(A happier blog post tomorrow, with photos of my lovely Flyte!)

One Word

I have had a very hectic weekend – lovely, but hectic. I’ve got so much to catch up on today, not the least of which are all your mitten kit orders – YAY!! – so I was in just the right mood for a meme when I saw one on my lovely friend Sarah’s blog……

Where is your mobile phone? Non-existent
Where is your significant other? Lounging
Your hair color? Platinum
Your mother? Nutty!
Your father? Missed
Your favourite thing? Ravelry
Your dream last night? Forgotten
Your dream goal? Reconciliation
The room you’re in? Quiet
Your hobby? Knitting, duh!
Your fear? Fear
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Paradise!
Where were you last night? Snoozing
What you’re not? Brave
One of your wish-list items? Dishwasher
Where you grew up? Books
The last thing you did? Eat
What are you wearing? Pyjamas
Your TV? Recorded
Your pets? Entertaining
Your computer? Necessary
Your mood? Excited
Missing someone? No
Your car? Tony’s!
Something you’re not wearing? Makeup
Favourite shop? Borders
Your summer? Ha!!
Love someone? Yep
Your favourite color? Red
When is the last time you laughed? Today
When is the last time you cried? Today


Mmmm, I’m sitting here with a bacon sandwich, looking forward to a day of doing nothing but knitting by the fireside. Does life get any better than that?!?

I was going to show you my progress on Flyte today, but I want to do a little bit more on it before I show you photos, so I’ll beaver away on it today, and show you tomorrow. For once, instead of being the last person to knit something (such as Tangled Yoke), I’m the first person, and as any intrepid trailblazer will know, my path is not an easy one. The pattern had some errors which entailed a painful frogging incident, but I’m getting there, slowly but surely. And I’m loving it – stranded knitting is definitely my favourite type of knitting.

Speaking of which, the mitten kits are almost ready….. I have a couple of test knitters double checking the pattern, and today we are dyeing the first batch of colourways. If all goes well, I should be able to show you the five colourways on Friday, so that you can make your choice. Then on Sunday, sign ups will open. I’ll give you more information on that on Friday. (Oh, and thanks for voting in the sale day poll. The Sundays won, by a small margin!)

We had a huge yarn order delivered yesterday, and it included some Sophia 8ply. Oh boy, I’d forgotten how gorgeous that yarn is. I’m bitterly regretting not ordering in more of it, because I know its going to fly off the shelves. I’ve got so little of it, that I don’t dare pinch a few skeins for myself, much as I want to.

Last but not least, I’m so glad that some of you are going to join us in the Couch to 5k programme! We got out yesterday, and did our 30 minutes. I got winded pretty soon, but then I think I was trying to run too fast. Today I feel like I’ve been beaten with a bat! Good job I’ve got Pilates tonight to stttttretch me out. If you’re joining us, leave a comment now and then to say how you are getting on. Oh, and if you are on Ravelry, come and join the c25k group. We can cheer each other along!!

Now you must excuse me, I have a very busy day of doing nothing to get on with………

Couch to 5k

Today I’m starting the Couch to 5K programme. Oh boy. For those of you unfamiliar with it, this programme turns you from a couch potato to a 5km runner in 9 weeks. Oh boy, oh boy. I’m not a complete couch potato, but I’m still pretty unfit. I do Pilates 3 times a week, but I don’t do any aerobic exercise (and I particularly dislike getting sweaty and out of breath). But I used to love running, back in my school days, and the idea of it still appeals to me now.

That having been said, I’m scared stiff. Would anyone care to join me and give me moral support?!?