Yummy New Yarn!

I’m so excited about this week’s shop update. I think Tony has really outdone himself with the colours (although the weather here was terrible while I was photographing, so they don’t look as good in the photos as they do in real life). This week sees the return of some old favourites (Helena 4ply and Aran, Amelia) and the launch of our new chunky alpaca yarn, Juliana. Here are some of my favourites from the selection:

Juliana Planet (this week’s cover shot)

Helena 4ply Bumblebee

Helena 4ply Zombie

Helena Aran Sloe Gin

Amelia Periwinkle

Juliana Appletini

More previews tomorrow!

I Can See the Finish Line!!

Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone. I feel even worse today so I’m off to the doctors in the hopes that they’ll give me antibiotics.

The upside of being ill so much in the last month is that it’s given me lots of time to work on Tangled Yoke. Come on, I can’t be the only one who has thought at one time or another, “if I break my leg/get appendicitis/have a horrible flesh eating virus, think how much extra knitting time I’d get”.

Last night I cast off the neckband – wooHOO! Now I just have to graft the underarms, knit the button bands, and block her and she’s finished. This was one of those projects that you couldn’t really tell, as you were knitting it, whether it would fit well. I knew the sleeves were ok, I tried those on as I finished them. But the body? It wasn’t until I’d cast off last night and tried it on that I knew……. it fits perfectly! And it looks fabulous. Really flattering, really cute. I can’t wait to have it completely finished. I expect to have a line of drooling people gathered around me everywhere I go.

If you haven’t knitted this pattern yet, what are you waiting for??  Mine is knitted in Amelia, our alpaca/merino dk (sports) weight yarn. I got perfect gauge with it. And whatdyaknow, we have a limited supply back in stock, some of which will be in this week’s shop update! If you fancy a periwinkle blue/citrusy lime/vivid peacock Tangled Yoke, make sure you come and grab some Amelia! Mine (40″ bust) has taken a smidge over 500g.


I have tonsils the size of melons. I feel like I’ve been 10 rounds with Tyson. My nasal secretions are pea green (ewwwwww).

Send soup.

The End is Nigh

Well, I didn’t think the mitten kits would be quite that popular! I’ll keep you posted on their progress.

This weekend, I’ve been beavering away on my Tangled Yoke cardi. Man, that yoke goes on forEVER….. but everything has to come to an end eventually. I’ve finished the cable section, and I’m just doing the last few rows of stocking stitch before the neck shaping. I can see the finish line! If I get a chance, I’ll add some photos of the yoke tomorrow.

Warm Woolen Mittens

You people are wicked, wicked enablers. When I have to buy a new shoe rack just for my red shoes, I’ll know who to blame.

Ok, does anyone remember these:

I made these a few years ago, pre Posh Yarn actually. And I’ve been promising for ages on Ravelry that I would chart the pattern up and make up mitten kits. I’ve been waiting for fresh stock of Lucia to come in, but it’s almost ready now, so it’s time to start organising myself to get the mitten kits done (I’m aiming for end of November).

We’re going to offer them in a range of colourways, including:

Woodland – moss green, brown, rust, flashes of gold
Fairground – purple, saffron, orange, hot pink, cobalt
Baltic – slate grey, sky blue, apple green, silver
Bonfire – orange, gold, chocolate brown, scarlet
Pansies – plum, violet, rose, lavender, deep blue

Each colourway will have several colours in it, but with subtle changes between the shades, so that as you knit it, the background of the mitten will shift between the colours in a gradual way. The contrast colour will be ivory.

The kits will be limited edition. We’re going to sell them on a sign up basis – on a certain date I’m going to announce that sign ups are open, and everyone who wants a kit can request the colourway they want. The mitten kits will go out in order of sign up, first come, first served, and only one kit per sign up. If there are still a lot of people who wanted kits and didn’t get them, we may be able to squeeze out a few more, so there’ll be a ‘reserve’ list for when the first run of kits have sold. The kits will be priced at £18 plus p&p, and will include a printed copy of the pattern (but no needles). We will need you to pay for the kit when you sign up. The mittens are knitted in the round, and even if you are new to stranded knitting, they really aren’t difficult at all (this was my very first attempt at stranded knitting!).

I think that’s everything. I’ll be announcing when sign ups open on here and through the Yahoo! list and also on the Posh Knitters group on Ravelry. I’ve thought long and hard about how to sell the kits, and I think this is the fairest way. If you think you will be interested, leave me a comment, because it will help me judge how many people may want kits. Remember, you aren’t signing up for the kits, just saying you might be interested.

PS. You don’t have to make your colour selection yet; when sign ups are ready I will post photos of the colourways offered so that you can make your selection then.