Some mellow shades today….

Miranda Idyll

Diana Harvest

Sophia 2ply Tiger Moth

Eva 2ply Pensive

Diana Requiem

Lei Conker

Lei Spellbound

The full preview is now up, happy browsing! Oh, and don’t forget, this is our last update until after we return from France. The next shop update after this will be September 21st.


Are you sick, sick, sick of this grey horrible weather we’re having? Call this August? I think not! (and if you are having great weather, don’t tell me, I don’t wanna know.) Let’s brighten the day up, shall we?

Miranda Kooky

Beatrice Dame (Beatrice is a 2ply lace weight version of the popular Cecilia)

Miranda Merry

Arabella Giggle

Lei Patchwork

Lei Minstrel

Lucia Mascot

More previews tomorrow!

The Best Laid Plans

Well, today was the day I was going to start showing you some of the luscious yarn we have coming up in this week’s update. But yesterday didn’t run quite according to plan. Tony wrapped the car around a large metal pillar in a carpark. Oh no, he’s not hurt, so don’t spare him any sympathy. He is a Bad Man who Broke my Pretty Car. He has been sentenced to hard labour for the next 2 years, 3 months, and 26 days. Look, here are his chains:

Ok, not really, its part of an old anchor that sits outside our house. I just got sick of having no pictures on the blog. Proper yarny photos tomorrow!

Word of the Day

I’m most awfully busy at the moment, what with one thing and another. So, no time for a proper blog post today. Instead I leave you with today’s Word of the Day. Whiffle. Go on, use it in a sentence today. I dare ya.

(Oh, and for the people trying to guess the secret? I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!!)

La Vie En Rose

I don’t think that anyone’s life is quite complete until they have visited Paris. It’s the city of romance, of glamour, of sophistication, of fairy tales. And I’ve never been there.

Which, when you consider how close we are (well, relatively) to it, and how many times I’ve visited France (8), is a little odd. But easily remedied.

So next week, we are off to France! We’re going to spend a leisurely few days winding our way down to the South of France, then we’re having a week in St Tropez, then travelling back up through France, finishing up with the highlight of the trip (for me), two days in Paris. City of Light. City of Love. Gay Par-ee!!

Why am I telling you all this (apart from to make you pig-jealous, oh and also because I tell you everything)? Because it means another shop update this coming Sunday. Just a little one, small but perfectly formed, enough to tide you over until we come home. The next shop update after that will be September 21st.

So, lots of yummy previews to come this week. Then I’ll be bidding you au revoir for two weeks. And when I come home, I’ll be telling you the Big Secret. See, I do tell you everything. Just not all at once……