Every day, you, my posh knitting friends, continue to surprise me. Sending so many supportive, caring, encouraging messages, through emails, Ravelry posts, and comments on the blog. Every single one, however brief, however much you may feel you’re just repeating what everyone else says, means a great deal to us. We remind each other how lucky we are to have made a successful business out of something that we love, and we are luckier still that as a consequence of that business we’ve made so many lovely friends, all over the world. So many people have to go through problems and bumpy patches alone; we not only have each other, and supportive friends and family in our own community, but we have all of you too, rooting for us, and sending caring messages. It amazes me, and I feel so fortunate.

Today I had two extra treats. Firstly, kind Karen sent me her copy of the Peacock Feathers shawl pattern, which she has gifted to me. So I’m ready for our knitalong, later this year! Karen included a lovely little card too, full of encouraging thoughts. Thank you so much, lovely Karen.

Then a box arrived from Cassie. I’m going to let pictures speak for a moment, because it’s hard to find words to describe how I felt on opening this package….

The box contained (beautifully wrapped, as you can see) a scrumptious skein of Sunshine sock yarn (so soft!), a lovely letter from Cassie, which is going in my treasure box, because it was so sweet and supportive, some photos of her and her gorgeous kids (they have good genes), and most precious of all, this little birdy:

He came from a vintage shop, and has been living with Cassie for a while, and how she could part with him I don’t know, because he is just beautiful. I’ve put him on my bedside table, where I can see him last thing at night and first thing in the morning. To me, he says, don’t lose hope, no matter how much it may rain, the sun will come out in the end, and then we will fly…… 


Hello loves. Tony wants me to thank you very much for all your kind messages. He’s very sore still, but the doctor said it would get worse over the next couple of days before getting better. But it’s essential that he rest for the next week or so, or there could be lasting damage to his shoulder. And we can’t have that, can we?! So, there will be no sale this Sunday (can you believe it, three weeks in a row now!). But we’ll have an extra special sale for you the following Sunday, that’s February 3rd. Start saving your pennies for then!

Enough with the drama!

Well, my friends, this weekend was supposed to be all about relaxing and chilling out. The best laid plans of mice and men! On Saturday Tony drove down to Cornwall to collect a lovely little boat he’d bought, it was to be our wedding anniversary present to each other. He was driving it home, Saturday night, when a taxi driver drove into the back of them, at 70mph, smashing the trailer and boat into the back of the car. 

First things first, Tony is okay-ish. He’s hurt his neck, shoulder, and back, and I’m dragging him off to the doctor’s today, even though they checked him at the hospital at the time. But it could have been so much worse. The boat, on the other hand, is no longer with us. RIP, pretty little boat, that I never even got to see.

So much drama! But I figure this has to be the last of it, right? We’ve had our share for the year now. After this, nice peaceful life, knitting by the fire, playing scrabble, reading books. Please?!      

Mountain Peaks

Now then, after your enthusiastic anticipation of seeing my progress on Mountain Peaks, this is a little embarrassing. Because I’ve only done a tiny bit. Can I blame the meds please?! This is a gorgeous pattern, but you do need to have your head screwed on while doing it, because the pattern is also on the purl rows, so you get no ‘switch off’ rows to help speed things up. So I’ve been picking it up, doing a row or two, mopping my brow, and laying it back down in favour of a little mindless knitting on Tony’s new seamless sweater (more on that another day, and no, before you ask, I haven’t quite finished the Fair Isle, but I needed something that my fingers could work on without the help of my brain, so I cast on for the seamless sweater a little earlier than planned).

One thing I have already realised though, is that you need good lace needles for this shawl. On each purl row you are purling 2 stitches together through the back of the loops – with an Addi lace needle, its not too bad, but with a blunter needle it could be a pain in the neck. 

Doesn’t the yarn look pretty in it? I keep stopping to admire all the colours, and the shimmer of the silk. Hmm, maybe I should have been looking at the work instead, because once I spread it out for the photo, the pattern looks distinctly wrong to me. My stitch count is right on every pattern, I’m following the charts. Maybe it’s because its so near the beginning. Or maybe I should pull it back and start again. Does it look wrong to you? Has anyone here done this pattern yet?   

(Updated to add: I emailed Miriam, the designer of this gorgeous shawl, and she reassured me that this is just what it looks like to begin with, so I haven’t gone wrong. Hurrah!)

Good to Go

What a thoroughly spoiled girl I am. A lovely husband doing everything, so that I can lay on the sofa and just knit, so many comments and emails from my friends, all so supportive and helpful. Who wouldn’t feel better with all that (not to mention a GP who is apparently able to work magic). So, it’s back to work for me today, just gently. Sale tonight, which I’m excited about (I was looking forward to it Sunday, until all hell broke loose!) because we’ve got such pretty yarn for you. 6pm tonight, and I promise no disappointment this time. The post will be going out tomorrow, so if you are in the UK, you’ll have your yarn by the weekend.

And tomorrow I’ll show you how I’m getting on with Mountain Peaks. Its a little harder than I thought, because you’re patterning on purl rows as well as knit, so my progress is slow. But you can see how pretty the yarn is knitting up. Anyway, more on that tomorrow. I’ll see you tonight, my lovelies!