Lace Knitting

Last night, after the sale madness had died down, I worked on my Wool Peddler’s Shawl, snuggled up in my favourite knitting chair (large, soft, close to the woodstove). I have finally reached the end of the garter stitch section (hurrah!) and am enjoying the rhythm of the lace border. I do love to knit lace, I really do. I’m already thinking of the next shawl, and feeling very ambitious about it. I’ve been spending far too much time browsing shawl patterns on Ravelry, but I’m still undecided. I definitely want to use lace weight this time; I’m even thinking of trying my hand with cobweb weight. I’ve always sworn off the stuff, but it looks so wonderful knitted up, and I have some gorgeous cobweb weight yarns here, waiting for January’s update, including a pure cashmere cobweb weight, soft as a whisper. I’d love to do something really intricate and heirloomy with it. Any inspiring suggestions?

Three Cheers!

Hurrah, it’s Friday! I’m beavering away here, and the preview should be ready by tonight. In the meantime, here are some more delicious colourways for you:

Camel Handspun Grouse

Alice (handspun cashmere) Fern

Sophia 6ply Smoulder

Sophia 12ply Tundra

Emily Hothouse

Eva 4ply Preen

Sophia 2ply Holly

Eva 2ply Lustre

Eva 2ply Pout

Lei Tempest

I’m off for a cosy knitting night with some friends tonight. The rest of the weekend promises to be quiet and restorative. Whatever you’re doing, have fun, and don’t forget us on Sunday at 6pm!

Singing the Blues…..

….and the purples, and the plums, and the pinks. Look out Jacqui, today’s selection is just for you…..

Eva 2ply Violets

Sophia 2ply Endearment

Eva 2ply Heart’s Ease

Eva 4ply Entranced

Sophia 4ply Pensive

Lei Cavort

Sophia 12ply Razzle Dazzle (this one doesn’t really fit with the theme, but I love it)

Sophia 12ply Amour

Camel Handspun Dilettante

Camel Handspun Devoted

More gorgeousness on tomorrow’s blog….


Right then, it’s about time I filled you in on all the Christmas sales plans. First of all, our last shop update before Christmas is this Sunday (the 16th). And we’re going out with a BANG! The last few weeks have been a little stingy on the laceweight side, so we’ve done lots and lots of laceweight this week. Lots of yarn in general, actually, with an emphasis on the more luxury yarns, because I think we all need a little something extra right now. And Tony has done some divine colourways, I can’t wait to start showcasing them. Tomorrow & Friday for those previews.

The last post date to get items before Christmas is the 20th December for UK & Ireland, the 13th for Europe, and uh…yesterday… for you international guys. Sorry about that! So any yarn purchased in this week’s sale will be with you before Christmas, as long as you live in the UK or Ireland, otherwise it will be a post-Christmas treat to look forward to.

Posh Yarn will close for the holidays on the 20th December, and we’ll be back on the 29th December with a sale preview. A BIG sale preview. For our annual post-Christmas blowout sale. Everything will be half price…… half price!! I’m hoping there won’t be too much rioting! The blowout sale will be on Sunday December 30th at 6pm. Be there or be awfully sorry.

Then it’s back to our regular Sunday updates in January, which sounds a little dull after all that excitement, but trust me, won’t be. More on that in January……..

Finally, I spotted these knitting needles on Etsy yesterday – how perfect would they be for us Posh Knitters?!   

Crabby is as Crabby does

I’m feeling VERY crabby. Crabby, grumpy, snarky, snappy, crotchety, grouchy, peevish, whiny, petulant, edgy, fractious, huffy, fretful, prickly, surly, and mumpish.

(Actually, mumpish is such a gorgeous word, that just using it has cheered me up a little.)

But seriously, a holiday is long, long, overdue. Thankfully we’re taking one over the Christmas break. A whole week of luxurious decadent laziness, in a five star holiday house at Land’s End. I plan to sleep late, and nap often. To finish my Wool Peddler’s Shawl and Tony’s Fair Isle Sweater. To eat lots. To read and read and read. To occasionally paddle, lazily, around the heated swimming pool. To smooth out my forehead and unkink my back muscles. To R.E.L.A.X.

Eleven more days. Eleven more days. Eleven more days. *sob*