August 31st, 2007

Some of this week’s beauties:

Eva 2ply in Lavish

Sophia 2ply in Highland

Eva 4ply in Frown

Eva 4ply in Lagoon

Helena in Glen

Helena in Mountain

Laura in Dignity (this is the new cashmere/merino sock yarn)

Lei in Swanky (this is the new bamboo/silk/merino yarn)

The preview will be up in an hour or two. And since we’ve got So Much Sock Yarn this week, it seems like a good moment to add a new free sock pattern to the patterns page. Enjoy!

August 29th, 2007

I’m trying to limit my typing today, because I’ve hurt one of my fingers, and typing is painful. So, good opportunity to show you some sketches I’ve done recently. Am currently wallowing in The Creative License. It’s an AMAZING book, I really can’t recommend it highy enough.

Really must figure out my scanner though, because the images are coming up grainy, as you can see from the writing in the first sketch. I think it’s because the scanner is enlarging them, which is spoiling the quality. Must figure out how to stop this. But not right now, cos I’m off to the graveyard to draw some cool gravestones. Do I know how to have fun, or what?!

August 28th, 2007

What a splendid weekend, nicely extended by the Bank Holiday Monday. I read, barbecued with friends, drew, went to a food festival, and turned the heel on the toe-up socks. This last being the definite highlight of a bright weekend. It’s been a while since I tackled a new knitting technique, preferring to stick with the safe and known, but I’m getting a great deal of satisfaction from these socks. Toe up rocks!

But I have realised one thing: if I read ahead in the pattern (and I noticed this when knitting lace too) I get all panic stricken and confused. Instead, I have to just follow the directions as they come, not looking too far ahead, trusting that it will all come out right.

This goes against the grain for me though. Whenever tackling anything new, my first reaction is to read as much as possible about it first. Often, the reading is as far as I will get – I’m a wonderful driver and gardener in theory, but in practise…..

However, I seem to have this mental block when it comes to knitting instructions. So I proceed at a gentle pace, not looking further ahead than the next couple of rows, trusting that everything will turn out right in the end. And you know what? It always does. A lesson for life, I think.

August 24th, 2007

You know how you get bad hair days? Well I get bad photo days (and quite frankly, every day is a bad hair day since I decided to grow my hair again – AGAIN!). And today’s one of ’em. Don’t ask me why, maybe it’s the light, maybe I need to buy new camera batteries (because I don’t think the old ones are charging fully any more). But none of the photos are coming out as pretty as the yarn. Ho hum. I suppose it’s better for the real thing to be prettier than the photo than for it to be a disappointment.

Anyway, enough of the waffling. Here’s some of my favourites from this week’s batch:

Eva 2ply in Tambour

Eva 2ply in Brocade

Eva 2ply in Adorn

Sophia 2ply in Pollinate

Emily in Lichen

Emily in Heath

Emily in Strata

Tony has been experimenting with applying tiny amounts of the dye powder directly onto the wet yarn, with gorgeous results. You can see it best in the first and fourth pictures, little golden dots sprinkled throughout the yarn, like specks of pollen dusted over blossoms. Gorgeous.

So, the preview will be ready in a little while. Lots of you have mentioned that you would like to knit sweaters and cardis from our sock yarn, so we’ve done larger amounts in lots of the colourways for that purpose. The lovely Anne has knitted Thermal in Emily, and it looks superb. And just by the by, if anyone is looking for some knitting inspiration, pop along to the gallery section of the Posh Knitters group – there are so many great photos on there.

One last thing, I’ve been looking through my stats again (its rather addictive, especially when they keep going up and up), and discovered that someone had arrived at Posh Yarn by asking Google “what type of luxury magazines do rich people read?” If you find out the answer, do let me know. Also what brand of toilet paper rich people use. These are the things that keep me awake at night.


August 23rd, 2007

Ah me, Robert Burns was spot on when he said that the best laid plans of mice and men gang awry. Although, really, how many plans do you think mice make? But anyway. Thursday, as you know, is traditionally sneak peek day. I was looking forward to it today as well, because Tony has been trying out new techniques again, with pretty results. But I forgot to put the camera batteries on to charge, and so they are as flat as pancakes.

Do I have a spare set of batteries, always kept on charge? No, but what a splendid idea!!

And after so many pictureless posts too. I was tempted to show you some of this week’s sketches (since that can be done via the scanner) but I have a awkward feeling that this week has been too much about me, me, me, and not enough about yarn, yarn, yarn.

So instead, picture this: a glade filled with woodland flowers, each lightly dusted with golden pollen….. the constantly changing shades of a silk brocade gown….. the green-gold light under an avenue of French lime trees….. the stately glory of coronation robes….. the awesome terrifying beauty of a lava flow….. the gentle peace of a sheaf of lavender…..

Proper pictures tomorrow!