Eye Candy Friday……….

Updated to add: the shop preview is now up!

Is anyone else feeling mildly disgruntled that Woolfest is on this weekend, and they can’t go? I am. Just a little bit.

But look on the bright side, those lucky knitters who are at Woolfest will be missing all the scrumptiousness of this week’s sale. And boy, is there scrumptiousness. Mr P has outdone himself this week, don’t you think?

The preview should be up tomorrow afternoon. Happy browsing!

Blankety Blank…..

It might be the late night we had yesterday, due to dinner with friends, but my mind is a complete blank this morning. Actually, it’s rather restful – my brain usually runs at a mile a minute. But it makes for a boring blog. Of course, I could always show you tantalising yarn pictures…….(and I will)…… or I could answer Kerrie’s question: What five things do you wish you could stop doing?

1. Reading People Magazine online. Such a time waster, such a guilty pleasure. Actually, since losing broadband, I have stopped reading it (and I use that phrase loosely, since you don’t read People, you look at the pictures). But oh, how I miss it. Life just isn’t the same now that I don’t know what colour Mary-Kate Olsen’s hair is right now, or who Jennifer Aniston is/is not dating.

2. Buying broccoli. It always goes bad before I get around to using it. And if I only buy it the day I plan to use it, something will intervene. We’ll get take-out that night, or Mr P will do the cooking and forget the broccoli. It’s a conspiracy.

3. Staying up late. I feel so much better when I get a good night’s sleep, and I’m usually sleepy by 10.30. But if I go past that point, for any reason, I get my second – third, even – wind. I get a little manic. I get excited at the prospect of staying up ’til 1 a.m. watching dvd’s. And then I regret it the next day.

4. Picking the skin round my cuticles. This one is a forlorn hope – I’ve been doing it since I was 11, and the only time I ever managed to stop was before my wedding, with the threat of Wedding Photos hanging over me. And if I forget to wear gloves for even a minute while dyeing, the dyes soak into the picky bits round my nails, and no amount of scrubbing or soaking gets it out. Not a very elegant look, green ragged cuticles.

5. Starting new knitting projects. Three shawls, one hoodie, two pairs of socks, one hat, one jacket, and I’m still planning new projects. And we all know, it’s one quick ecstatic step from planning to casting on.

Well, as a reward for reading through that bit of navel gazing, look! Pretty yarn!!

Sophia 2ply in Babydoll

Eva 4ply in Crab Apple

Eva 8ply in Dinosaur

More tomorrow. And oh, did I mention that all the new yarn arrived yesterday? We’ll be debuting it all next week (for now, let’s just say perfect summer yarns), so those of you lucky enough to go to Woolfest this weekend, don’t spend all your money!!


There’s been much talk in blogland recently about bloggers getting book contracts. Personally, I land on the side of pleasure – pleased for them, pleased for myself. There’s always room for new books on my shelves.

Besides, there’s something very Cinderella-y about a blogger being plucked from relative obscurity to the heady heights of having a book published, don’t you agree? This is the beauty of blogs, revealing talent where it might otherwise have gone unnoticed, whether that is talent in writing, photography, craft, or just the talent of living beautifully (no small talent, this one).

As lots of you know, I had a book published a few years ago, when I was running a vintage clothing business. I got extremely lucky with that book – I came up with the idea, pitched it to a publisher, and they commissioned me to write it, with a nice fat advance. This, I can assure you, was a fluke. But a very fortunate one. Because if I had to be like the majority of writers, who plug away, day after day, not knowing if they will meet with success, not knowing if they will ever see their book in print, well I just couldn’t do it.

And I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that way. Which is where the blogiverse comes in. You see, when writers write, unless they are extremely lucky like me, or already established, they have no idea whether anyone will ever read what they have written. But bloggers know their audience. They write little by little, getting feedback every day, developing their own style in front of a live audience. I think this is a wonderful thing. It’s why I encourage everyone I can to start a blog. Who knows, it may draw something out of you that you never knew existed, or that has laid dormant for many years.

So, three cheers for bloggers with books. Enjoy your moment of glory, and may it lead to much, much more. And three cheers for the blogisphere. Where would we be without it?

Better Now…….

Thanks for all the lovely comments and emails. The general consensus is that we cannot do without the Mr. I’ll just have to take better care of him, won’t I?

There’s lots to catch up with today, so no time for chatting. I’ll leave you with a few things that are occupying my mind at the moment:

  • This is the best book every published. I’m savouring every page as slowly as I can to make it last.
  • Look at this incredible stole, designed by the super talented Gabriella in our Eva 2ply. Yum.
  • Michaela is battling her first lace project, and she’s at the point of giving up. Go cheer her on!
  • Mother, may I?
  • A bientot, cheries!

    Poor Mr P…….

    Thank you, everyone who came along and joined in this week’s yarn spree. I hope you all got what you wanted – there was hot competition for some of the colourways! I normally work my way through all the invoices on Monday morning (yes, I do it manually, matching up the invoice with the Paypal receipts, invoicing those who haven’t paid straight away, etc) and send every customer a personal acknowledgment of their purchase and payment, but I won’t get to this until Tuesday this week, so all the parcels will be going out on Wednesday. Let me know if that is too much delay for you, and I’ll try to wangle something.

    The reason is that we are taking tomorrow off, completely off. We spent an unpleasant few hours in A&E on Saturday night; Mr P collapsed following a very long day’s work on the workshop he’s renovating, and they had to run all kinds of tests to see what was wrong. It turned out to be nothing worse than heat stroke, thankfully, but it scared the living daylights out of me, and has left us both feeling like dishrags. We spent most of Sunday napping, but I think we need one more day of total rest before we get back to work. So we’re off to potter around some garden centres, eat lunch out, and generally relax. See you all on Tuesday, my dears.