Finally Finished…..

If there’s one thing I like more than starting a project, it’s finishing one. (Although it’s a mixed pleasure, like finishing a really good book. It leaves something of a gap.) I started Forest Canopy, well, let’s not think about how long ago, since lots of you have finished them in a week or less. I’m sloooow.

But look, Ma, it’s all finished! The only thing that kept me going near the end, when there were sooo many stitches, was watching the colours of the yarn unfold. And imagining myself wearing it, of course.

So, this took 4 skeins (or around 200g) of Eva 4ply to complete, I did two extra repeats of the pattern, and the finished size (blocked) is 30″ from top to tip, and 68″ across the wingspan. Pretty, n’est pas?

And now I’m raring to get going on the Fir Cone shawl. But I did say June 1st would start the knitalong, so no casting on until tomorrow. Are you ready?

(And what is that acting as a background to the shawl? Why, it’s our delicious new yarn….. Kid….Silk….Lace….)

Joy in the Morning…..

My word, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be back. Even the trauma of adjusting to a new laptop, and a new operating system (Windows Vista, we are not going to be friends), is minimised by the joy of being back online at home. What a lonely week it was without you all!

Mind you, we’ve been busy. Preparing for today’s shop update, dyeing the new yarn to be debuted on Sunday, dyeing Sock & Lace Club, finishing off two wholesale orders. It’s been all go. And every spare moment that Mr P gets, he is spending on his pet project – a new workshop area for the business. At the moment it is just three tumble-down stone sheds behind our house, but he has vision. And it will be grand when it’s done. When? I’m thinking around 2009.

Other news – I finished the Forest Canopy Shawl! More on that later in the week. Also, lots to tell you about the generosity of knitters, which I’ve experienced in abundance this week.

So! Much! To! Tell! You!

But for now, let’s look at some peeks of today’s yarn update. I noticed a distinct theme while I was labelling the yarn this week. I don’t know if it’s because of the Fir Cone Shawl knitalong that we’re starting on Friday, or if it’s because the countryside around us is so startlingly verdant at the moment, but just look at all these greens:

I love green, so restful, so flattering. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of other colours, something for everyone! Happy browsing, my loves, and I will see you tonight at 6pm.

Opposites Attract……

How did you get on with your wallflower projects yesterday? Mine stepped all over my toes, reminding me why it was stuffed into the bottom of my workbasket for so long. It’s going to be a long, long time until that shawl is finished. Long.

Yesterday we were twisting up some of the skeins for this week’s update (so many delicious colourways, especially in lace weight, so if you’re looking for some yarn for the knitalong, you’re in luck). Just looking at these two skeins together (my yarn for the knitalong), one twisted by me, and one by Tony, tells you a lot about us. His is the nice comfortable loosely twisted one, soft, easy going. Mine is the tightly twisted one, neat, restrained, rather uncompromising. I can’t do them his way, and he can’t do them my way.

This nicely sums up how opposite we are. Tony is super-laidback, cheerful, patient, and takes life in his stride. I’m temperamental highly strung, a real worrier, have rather a short fuse, and like things organised and neat. When we first got together, 14 years ago, some delightful ‘friends’ named us Snob & Slob. I’d be more offended if it wasn’t so accurate.

Plus there’s an age gap between us, which highlights our difference. Tony is 19 years older than me. On paper. In reality, the age gap goes the other way. I was born an old lady. While Tony will always be a naughty little boy. He likes Radio One (wince) I like Classic FM. He plays squash, I play backgammon. He watches the latest blockbuster, I read novels from the 1930’s.

And what a good job we are so different. We balance each other out perfectly. And the longer we are married, the more we rub off on each other. We might not always do things the same way, but we think the same way about all the important things in life. Apart from the vital need to wear socks in bed (I’m for, he’s against).

Can you tell I adore him?

Wednesday Wallflower……..

I saw a fantastic idea on another wesite the other day (I can’t remember where – it was one of those crazy 1 a.m. surfathons). On a specified day of the week, everybody takes out one of their neglected projects, and works on it. Isn’t that a good plan? Because let’s face it, we all have unfinished projects stuffed in our work baskets, projects we are reluctant to work on, but don’t want to completely abandon, woolly wallflowers, that are drooping against the wall because no one wants to dance with them. Setting aside a specific time for them is a great idea. Kind of makes up for the startitis so many of us suffer with.

Here’s what I shall be working on today – my Feather & Fan Comfort Shawl:

This project became a wallflower, because it’s at that stage now where there are enough stitches to make a row go on for ever, the novelty of changing yarns has worn off, its not the weather for dk wool shawls, and I got distracted by Forest Canopy. But today is its lucky day.

What project deserves your attention today?


Look at this fabulous shawl:

The talented Gabriella designed it, and you can buy the pattern from her website. I think it would look superb in some of our Eva 2ply. Lots of that coming up later this week. I think that Gabriella is a hot one to watch, in the up and coming knitting designer world. You heard it here first.

I am more excited than I can tell you about our new Posh Knitters group. So many came and joined us yesterday, and I was overwhelmed. There are close on a thousand knitters on our newsletter list, but that took a year to build up, so to get 100 knitters join our group in the first day was really exciting. I think it’s going to be a fantastic resource. Mr P has been at me for a while to do something like this, and he was quite right (I’d like to say that he always is right, but well, that privilege is usually reserved for me in our house).

I’ve had a wonderful time getting to know you all over the last year, and its about time you got to know each other too. I’m so excited about getting all those Posh projects under one roof, so to speak, and about exchanging ideas, suggestions, etc, with you all. I was bouncing in my chair earlier, looking through the group photo folders. So many fantastic projects! If you haven’t already joined the party, please do. And invite your friends! Just don’t put it on MySpace – I don’t want the place trashed…….

You remember the mystery yarn I’ve been dangling before you? It’s almost here………. And if I was to mention a few letters, say, K and S and maybe a H, I wonder what you would think of??