I’m Back…….

Thank you honey, I can take back over now. No, really, I’m ok. Yes, you did a great job with the blog. No, I don’t think you should take over permanently. No, I don’t think we should put it to a vote. No, I don’t need one more day in bed. Give me back the laptop. No, seriously. Give it BACK…..

Ahem. Ok, I’m back. Thanks everyone for your well wishes. It was nothing too terrible. I have an old, old illness that lifts up its head and grumbles now and then. And I’ve learned to take a day or two bed rest when it does, before the grumbling turns into full blown screaming. But I’m fine (ish) now, and back on my feet.

Although rather disgruntled. So, there’s severe snow, is there? Then why is it raining here? Rain! We’re living practically in the lap of Scotland, where I thought you were guaranteed snow every winter, and there hasn’t been a speck of it! Just nasty cold rain and howling gales.

Still, I mustn’t grumble. The fire burns brightly, I have Snow Patrol on the CD player, and Mr P is doing the postal run (oh, I’m too poorly for that). And tonight I’m going out for dinner and some fun. Snow or (more likely) no snow.


Hello blog readers, this is Mr Posh, reporting for Posh News. I’m sorry to tell you that the lovely Dee has been poorly for the last couple of days, and I have put my foot firmly down, and insisted that she stay in bed today, with a large pot of tea, and a fat James Thurber volume. But she won’t rest until I tell you the following:

She should be back on her feet tomorrow.

All Sunday’s sale purchases will be sent out in the next 24 hours.

She will have caught up on the last 48 hours worth of emails by 2008.

Au revoir, mes amis, her hot water bottle needs refilling.

Mr Posh.

What’s in a name?

Did I ever tell you what my maiden name was? Dyer. Yes, really. Dyer. My dad’s family were from Yorkshire, where so many of Britain’s woollen mills were situated, and I suppose that at some point, hundreds of years ago, one of them was such a skilled dyer that when it came to picking names, they gave him that one.

I don’t consider it a freaky coincidence that I’ve ended up doing a job like this. I know it sounds a bit fruitcakey, but I really think it’s in my blood. There has to be some reason why it comes so naturally to me. And I don’t mean that in a blow my own trumpet kind of way, I just mean that the skills you need to be a good dyer seem to be already in me, rather than needing to be learned.

It’s not as though I’m arty in any other kind of way, or even very good with my hands, you know, practical or skillful. My strength was always academic, I’m good with my brains rather than with my hands, and much as I would love to be the arty type, I’m just not. I’m a reader, not a doer.

But dyeing is different. I can see a colour in my head, and mix it, without hesitation or even much thought. Its not something I even feel like taking credit for, because it seems inbuilt in me, instinctive. And I’m so grateful to that ancestor, who first learned those skills, and who passed that gene down to me, because I love what I do.

But here’s something I’ve never told you: every skein we dye, every colourway I create, I always think the same thing: ‘oh no, I’ve lost it. This one is a disaster. My lucky run has ended.’ And we cook the yarn, and rinse it, and dry it, and wind it into skeins, and ta-da!! Another glorious colourway. And I truly feel like it had nothing to do with me, that it would be rude and rather presumptuous to take credit for it, because it’s a fluke, a beautiful, beautiful fluke. Maybe that’s how mothers feel when they look at their children. This is from me, but not really from me, and look how lovely it is.


Have a wonderful weekend, my dears, and if you can, do join us on Sunday for our big sale page update, at 6pm (GMT). If not, see you next week, and take care.

PS. Blogger is being huffy about photos again, so for today’s sale preview pics, see the Posh Yarn website blog.

Worth a Thousand Words…..

Let’s hope that saying is correct, that a picture speaks a thousand words, cos I haven’t even got time to write 100 words today, let alone 1000. So instead, I present:

Sale yarn sneak peek No. 1:

Sale yarn sneak peek No. 2:

And the very beautiful Sarah, showing off the funky neckwarmer she knit out of some of our chunky cashmere (from the sale):

Now I must fly!

Variety, the Spice of Life?

Is it just me, or have Rowan slightly lost the plot? Design companies generally have a unique identity – what do you think of if I mention Laura Ashley? – and Rowan used to be known for a classic, but slightly English Eccentric style of design. But now? They’re everywhere! It must be because they’ve accumulated such a huge stable of designers, but how can you go from designs like this:

To ones like this?
Now I’m all for variety, having something for everyone, but at some point, don’t you have to draw a line? Don’t you run the risk of losing your own identity if you try to be too eclectic, try to reach everyone’s taste?

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great designs coming out of the Rowan stable – although you’d hope so, with the number of books they produce each season – but I find myself turning more and more to my older Rowan books. And I’d like to think that one day, when we have our own pattern line (oh yes, its something I’m planning on doing), that it will have a strong identity. That our designs will be distinctive, but distinctively ours.

(All that being said, if anyone wants to volunteer to knit me that dressing gown, be my guest. I have a kilo of cashmere here that would be perfect for it.)


For those of you have are now completely bewildered, wondering where the Wednesday sale update is, sorry. Our big sale day is now Sunday, and the preview page will be live on Saturday. However, we do still have some yarn left from last week’s sale, so go and have a look, see if anything catches your fancy.