Swings & Roundabouts….

Isn’t it weird how your mood can change, suddenly, and for no apparent reason? How you can be crabby and blue for a week, and nothing lifts you out of it, not all the positive thinking, all the shoe shopping, all the chocolate consumption.

Then one morning you wake up, and the black cloud has lifted. And the pile of work that has been weighing you down for days suddenly seems like an exciting challenge, and the rain outside makes the perfect backdrop for hot chocolate and Billie Holliday, and you find yourself smiling, even though there’s nothing obvious to smile about.

It almost makes the occasional black cloud worth it, just to remind you how lovely the sun is when it breaks through.

Stop the Clock…..

No time for chit-chat today! Sale page is still a work in progress. A pretty work in progress. It would have been ready by now, but I have to interrupt the photographing to go and pick up a new car.

I’m still aiming to get a preview page up before sale time (which is at 5pm GMT, as usual). If you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll be notified as soon as it goes live.

That’s all!

Where’s my paper bag……

Ok, things are getting a little manic around here. What with orders, sale yarn, packages, new stock coming in, website redesign, an urgent wholesale order, and a million other things on the to-do list, there aren’t enough minutes in the day, or days left before Christmas. (deep breaths, calming thoughts)

We’ve closed orders for the time being – if you ordered yarn now we wouldn’t be able to get it to you until the New Year anyway, and there’s all kinds of changes planned for Posh Yarn in 2007. But there is still lots of yarn available between now and Christmas, on One Off Wednesday. We have lots of pure cashmere and cashmere/silk this week – it feels like the right time to pile on the luxury.

We’ll be cramming a last minute sale in next Wednesday as well, and if you spend over £50, we’ll send your parcel by Next Day Delivery to guarantee that it will get to you before Christmas. International customers, I love ya, but you’ve got no chance of getting anything until after Christmas now. Sorry!

There will be a preview of tomorrow’s sale page, but not today as planned (unless I turn supersonic in the next hour). It will be as early as possible tomorrow. Watch this space for that.
Anything else? Oh yes, if you are running short of last minute gift ideas, why not send someone one of our Gift Vouchers? You can send one of those right up until closing time on December 22nd.

No more talking, must get doing! That To-Do list will get shorter today, it will, it will!

Let’s play Pollyanna……

Things I am currently grateful for:

  • Cooperative shopping cart software
  • Dark chocolate & strong coffee
  • Customers who send me photos of their posh knits
  • Friends who don’t ask me why I’m still in my pyjamas at 3pm on a weekday
  • A husband who would rather washup than have me use the dishwasher
  • A hot, hot woodburning stove
  • The healing ability of a pair of frivolous shoes
  • Secondhand bookshops
  • The prospect of a week off work
  • Our new PINK packaging that makes packing up 101 parcels fun
  • Blog commenters (hint, hint)

The Sun Came Out…..

I was laying in bed last night, looking at the stars, and planning today’s blog. I was thinking of a continuation of the moaning theme that I’ve had going on for a few days here, because I know you can’t be getting tired of that, and I certainly wasn’t.

Then I woke up this morning, and surprise! I’m in a good mood. No urge to complain, no grumpiness, crabbiness, or weepiness. Today, you get eye candy without having to battle your way through the black cloud. The pity party is over, my friends. Thank you for attending.

What day is it today? Oh yes, that’s right, it’s One Off Wednesday!! I really missed it last week. Around 4pm my adrenaline started pumping, realised nothing was happening, and subsided in disappointment. I should have taken it for a bungee jump or something as consolation.

But today, at 5pm (GMT), we’re on! Tie a knot in your handkerchief, stick a post-it to your fridge, set an alarm clock – just don’t forget and miss out on all this gorgeous yarn.

Because I’d hate to attend another pity party – my feet still hurt from the last one.