We have a competition winner!! Drumroll, please……

Lizziebach! The mini quilt is yours.

Onto this week’s shop update. If you haven’t yet tried out our new British wool bases, Bonnie and Harriet, this week is a good opportunity. Harriet is lustrous and slightly hairy, Bonnie is crisp yet soft and bouncy – both smell deliciously sheepy.

{Harriet in Dust Yourself Off}

{Bonnie DK in Planning My Revenge}

{Bonnie Aran in One Way Ticket}

This week’s shop preview is now up, and you can see the larger photos on my Flickr set. Hope you can join us on Sunday at 7pm!


My dear friends, I can still remember when the Posh Yarn group was set up on Ravelry. I felt a bit silly, and very unsure that we would ever get more than a handful of members. And now look at us!! Today we passed the 2000 mark – that is incredible to me. What is even more incredible is that as the group has grown, it has managed to keep it’s cosy loving family feel. In fact, I think it’s even increased. That is thanks to the hard work of my lovely moderators, Jane & Jacqui, and thanks to each one of you who post, read, join in the competitions and knitalongs, send gifts and loving messages to each other, and generally act like the family we are. This is a special place, thank you for helping us make it that way.

I want to say a special welcome to the new members of the group. Thank you to everyone who responded to my message on Twitter & Facebook, to try to pass the 2000 mark before the end of 2012! You surpassed my hopes. Please do jump in the deep end of the group, introduce yourselves, start posting, let us get to know you. Be brave! We want you.

If it was possible for me to send a special thank you gift to every individual member in the group, I would. What I have done, is download the members list, and then used a random number generator to select one member. That member will receive a £25 gift voucher to spend at Posh Yarn. And that person is………..

Ullastigaard. Congratulations, honey!!

For everyone else, we’re doing free postage on all purchases made in this week’s shop update. Dig in!!

One last thank you: both I and Tony want to thank you so much for your continued support of us, for your love and encouragement in the last twelve months, for your support of Posh Yarn, that enables us to keep doing what we love every day. We are more grateful than you could possibly know. We love you all.

Here is this week’s shop preview, full of all our new yarn bases, and here is the Flickr set, where you can see full sized photos of each colourway. Enjoy!!


My dear Poshies,

You, and I, have all suffered from the glitches in the current checkout system. I have long promised you changes, but could never pin the techie guy down to actually creating and implementing them. I was beginning to give up hope, when our very own Fairy Godmother came along with her magic wand. Meg has been working hard for months on a brand new checkout system, as well as improvements to the Posh website. We are just about ready to start testing the changes. We need your help.

On Wednesday October 24th 2012, at 8pm (UK time), we are going to hold a mock shop update, and we need as many of you as possible to participate. This is designed to replicate the Sunday update as closely as possible, so we need a real feeding frenzy to test the system to its limits. We need as many of you as possible, shopping as you normally would (cut throat style!). This will enable Meg to analyse how well the system works and what needs adjusting. The better this test goes (I mean, the more accurately it replicates a real update), the less likely it is that when we implement it for real, it will crack up under the stress (and me too).

Please, please, if you can help us we would be so grateful. I’m going to offer you an incentive. Two incentives. I will be selecting one customer at random from the update, and you will receive a £25 Posh Yarn gift voucher. As well, the first customer to complete checkout will receive a free skein of yarn from our Orphans pile (which includes some of our more luxurious bases, like Natasha, Audrey, and Miranda). I’m hoping that this will entice you to shop with as much speed and determination as you normally would on a Sunday!!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Hope you can join in on Wednesday!!

Hugs, Dee

A Nice Cup Of…..

While I was away I visited a lovely fabric shop / button shop in Chichester, and picked out some pretty pewter buttons. I think these would look adorable on a tweedy cardigan, or maybe adorning the cuff of gloves. I’m offering these as a prize to you, my lovely readers. All you have to do is answer this question:

What’s your favourite tipple at this time of year?

Leave your answer in the comments, and I’ll pick a winner (at random) on Friday.

(By the by, this deliciously velvety looking background is knitted with our Emily yarn. And I heard today that our special order of it will be with us in the next few weeks!!! I. Can’t. Wait. I’ve had a splendid idea for a cardigan design, which I’m determined to work up, and Emily will be perfect for it.)