Nap Time

I’m not a nap person. But sometimes, just sometimes, a nap seems called for, especially when you’re feeling under the weather, as I was yesterday afternoon. Usually I would snuggle up on the sofa, but I was feeling particularly rough, and so I retreated to my bed. The cats were so excited, they were practically underneath the duvet before I was. “How sweet,” I thought, “they can nap with me.”

That shows you how infrequently I nap. That blissful forgetfulness about what two overexcited cats can do to naptime. It went something like this.

1.20pm: I settle myself comfortably, and Squeak curls up behind my knees. Lovely.

1.21pm: Pip jumps onto my pillow, stares at me very hard, stands on my hair, and then burrows under the duvet, where he commences jabbing Squeak with a paw, and retreating, jabbing and retreating, in the hopes of a scuffle.

1.22pm: Squeak finally retaliates, and they start pouncing at each other over my legs, scratching me in the process.

1.23pm: I throw the covers back and remove them from the bed. They both look very indignant. I settle back down.

1.24pm: Pip jumps back onto the bed, and starts pawing at the duvet, trying to find a way under it, first with one paw, then frantically with both paws.

1.25pm: I lift up a corner and let him in. He gets halfway, and then starts backing out as fast as possible. He settles back down on my pillow, staring at me.

1.26pm: Squeak joins him. I groan and turn over, making sure to tuck the duvet around my neck so there are no openings.

1.27pm: Squeak jumps down, and starts pawing at the bottom of the duvet, trying to get in that way.

1.29pm: He finally succeeds.

1.30pm: Pip jumps down and starts poking at Squeak through the duvet. Squeak pokes back. There is a lot of scuffling. I push Squeak out with my foot, and they start fighting on the carpet.

1.31pm: They chase each other around the bedroom, doing bouncy circuits over the bed, and most especially over my head.

1.32pm: I shout at them. They ignore me.

1.33pm: They stop fighting and settle down on the windowsill.

1.35pm: I start to drop off.

1.36pm: Pip brings me his favourite toy, a large and heavy stuffed hamster, and drops it on my face. I toss it onto the floor. He retrieves it, and drops it behind my pillow.

1.37pm: He starts frantically digging under the pillow, trying to get the hamster. I yell again. He ignores me.

1.38pm: I hurl back the covers, grab both cats, tuck one under each arm, and take them downstairs. I shut the door, and plod wearily back to bed.

1.39pm: I try to sleep. Pip howls at the bedroom door.

1.50pm: I finally give up, and trail downstairs. Pip hares upstairs to find his hamster.

1.51pm: I make myself a strong coffee, while wondering what made me want to get pets in the first place.

1.52pm: Both cats curl up in their basket, and instantly fall into a deep sleep that lasts the rest of the day…..

We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

There were times when I didn’t think we’d make it.

Times when domestic harmony seemed like it was never going to happen.

There was constant bickering and fighting, running away and hiding, swearing and all kinds of ugly behaviour.

There was despair.

There was fear and loathing.

There were ultimatums.

But look at us now.

Peace, harmony, and love.

We’re only happy when we are together, the closer the better.

It took time, but we made it.

What we have is truly beautiful.


New Toys

Wow, what an amazing response! I’m going to carefully consider everyone’s comments, finalise the details of the club, and announce it properly tomorrow. Watch this space!!!


It doesn’t matter what age we are, new toys are still exciting. Last week I bought two new toys: a Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens, and Photoshop. Up to now I’ve been using the lens that I bought with my camera, which is a fantastic lens (Nikon AF-S DX 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Lens), but I wanted a faster lens. Unless I’m outside, I can’t take any handheld shots with that lens, I get camera shake too badly. I’m thrilled with the new lens, it seems to render colours more accurately (I’ll be testing that out today, when I do the photographs for this week’s update!), and it is pin sharp. Here’s an example, a quick shot I took of the Squeakmeister. Not a terribly exciting photo, but it is to me, because this was taken in the evening, indoors, handheld. Pretty sharp for shaky old me!!

I’ve resisted buying Photoshop for a long time, but recently came to the conclusion that it really is essential to anyone doing lots of product shots, as I do. I anticipated a painfully steep learning curve, and yes, I can see that I have a LOT to learn (I have a manual about the size of a family car to read through!), but to some extent it is fairly intuitive, especially since I’m used to working with Macromedia Fireworks and Adobe Lightroom. I played around a little bit with it over the weekend, using some of its features to work on a photo I took recently. See what you think.



(You can see the full sized version here.)

Still much to learn, but so much fun in the process!