We’re going to give our workroom a big fat makeover soon. Its not so pretty in there. It lets the whole house down. We chose functionality over form, and even so, its not as functional as we could wish. Its such a diddy little room, and has to perform several tasks, yarn storage, postal depot, office, craft room, spill over library. We’re going to pull out all the existing shelving, and build new, cubbyhole style on one side, open shelving on the other. A long worktop from one side to the other, long enough for yarn packing, for two people standing side by side, one selecting yarn, one wrapping it. Also enough space for my sewing machine at one end, and Tony’s laptop at the other, so that we can sit side by side and do our thang. Its going to have olive green walls and wooden shelving and tomato red accents and wonderful lighting, instead of the bare bulb (low energy at that!) that swings in there right now.

I’m excited. Can you tell I’m excited?


Ok. I’m a little better today. Normal temperature. Coughing less.

There will be an update this Sunday. But there may not be a preview until tomorrow. Depends how things go today. I may put a preview up without photos and just add those tomorrow. Watch this space.


One of my very best friends is getting married on Saturday. I’m one of her bridesmaids, which is an honour. Last night we went out with a few friends, for dinner, and then back to their house for cupcakes. Boy, I have been agonising over the perfect cupcake for the occasion, and settled on pink champagne cupcakes with a boozy strawberry on top. Festive and pretty, don’t you think?

I’ve never baked cupcakes before, and never iced anything either, so it was a bit nerve wracking, but I’m thrilled with how they came out. Tooth achingly sweet, but isn’t that what cupcakes are all about?

We had them with extra champagne (it would have been rude not to, don’t you think?), sitting up late, chattering and giggling, lit by fairy lights and candles. The perfect evening. Food, friends, fun.

This is Mama Val, someone very dear to me, a friend, a mentor, an inspiration, a comfort, a joy, and the source of some of our colourway names! I don’t know how I would have got through the last 6 months without her strength and wisdom and love. If the lighting wasnt so wonky, you’d be able to see her awesome hair – cherry streaked, ready for the wedding day (she is mama of the bride). She rocks. I hope that one day I’m half as cool/funny/plucky/creative/fun/naughty as she is.

I LOVE this photo. These are my girls. From left to right, Sarah, my right hand woman at Posh HQ, funny, feisty, down to earth, easy to be around, loves food as much as I do, always cheers me up however I’m feeling. Rebecca, my fellow bridesmaid, sister of the bride, and Rachel, the bride herself. These two girls are more like family than friends, and I love them dearly. We had one of the most fun trips I’ve ever been on when we went to America together in 2009. They speak my language. They know when to laugh and when to cry. They always make me feel like I matter. They love food, and wine, and Anthropologie, and fairy lights, and fresh flowers, and fabulous shoes. When I was really bad with depression, they checked up on me all the time, drove 15 miles just to give me a 5 minute hug, brought me flowers, and generally kept me going.

I can’t wait for Saturday. I’m going to take (and have Tony take) a million photographs. It’s going to be such a special day, and I don’t want to forget a minute of it.


Now that the house is pretty much finished, we’ve started turning our attention to the garden. And boy, does it need attention. We only have a front garden, about 90 feet long, laid out as lawns at the moment. Tony has started a kitchen garden in part of the garden, growing lots of different fruit and vegetables and herbs. I’m more interested in the ornamental side of the garden. We have a wonderful growing climate in Pembrokeshire, mild, plenty of rain, very few frosts in winter (and rarely snow). Being right on the West coast of Britain, we get the very most of the Gulf Stream. Palm trees grow in many of the gardens around us.

So we’ve decided that as well as growing traditional cottage garden plants, we’d like to introduce a touch of the exotic into our garden, and to get some inspiration we took a trip to the National Botanic Garden of Wales last week. They have every kind of garden you can imagine there, but we were really interested in the section that had plants from around the world, in a giant glasshouse dome.

Walking from the entrance up to the glasshouse, everything looks like a traditional British garden, with spring bulbs and bare trees. But inside, what a contrast!!! Plants, trees, flowers, bushes, from every part of the world, in one glorious jumble of colour and scent. Look! (If you want to see full size pictures, the Flickr set is here.)


Well, I had a big week planned, lots to do, lots to show, lots to tell you about. But it turns out I have a severe chest infection. So I have a hefty dose of antibiotics to take,and the hope that I might feel better in a few days if I rest up and let my lungs heal. At the moment, I sound like – in the words of my doctor – a 20 a day girl. Which I can assure you I am not, nor have ever been! So, I’ll be laying low for a couple of days, but there’ll still be an update this Sunday, as my dear friend and assistant Emma has already done most of the work for it. The previews might just be a little late, as I have to do the photographs myself.

In the meantime, here are some snaps of the bathroom (and here are some eeeek before shots, well during, actually!), quickly taken last night. I will try to do some better ones soon, to try to capture the posh glossiness of these fabulous makeover!!!