Posh Yarn Stock Room

Tony did some kind of voodoo yesterday, and managed to get buckets and buckets of yarn out on display in the stock room. I was really beginning to lose track of what we had, but couldnt find the room for it. But he worked his magic, shifted things around, moved my shoe collection which freed up quite a lot of space!!! And piled the yarn into the shelves. It looks like a mini yarn shop. Take a tour!

This is the view on the left of the room, as you enter. The skeins on the front of the bottom shelf are all orphan skeins. All together now, ahhhhhhhhhh.

Here’s the front view of those shelves. My knitting books are piled at the top. Underneath the shelves are drawers full of tissue, labels, envelopes, etc etc. The yarn peeking out of the corner of the photo, on my work table, is a selection of skeins I’m trying to choose from to make a beaded shawl. Too much choice!!!

The yarn on the right hand shelving is always the current week’s shop update. I’ll be packing this up in a minute, ready for the post. Below the shelves are my bags and boxes of projects, and yarn and fibre stash.

The shelving on the wall immediately to your right when entering the room, opposite the window.

One last look at the main yarn shelf. I don’t know where to look first. Sorry its a bit dark, its stormy weather here today.

If you want to see bigger pictures of these, you can find the Flickr set here!

Romance Isn’t Dead (you just have to know where to look for it)

I was reading something interesting over the weekend, about the factors that contribute to a solid long term relationship. It was talking about how men and women’s concept of romance differs drastically; a study had been done where men and women were asked to rate certain activities on a scale of 1 to 10, as to how romantic they were, things like running your partner a bath after a hard day at work, or giving her your coat if she was cold. The study found that women rated very simple things, such as those mentioned, as being romantic, whereas men did not. They only seemed to rate grand gestures as being romantic. It concluded that men are no less romantic than women, but only seem to be so, because they underestimate the value of small things.

Now this makes so much sense to me. When you’ve been with someone a long time, your sense of romance does begin to change (and probably should, if your relationship is going to survive long term). It becomes less about what’s new and exciting, and more about knowing that your partner doesn’t take you for granted, that they are thinking about you, that they care about your needs and value your companionship.

Tony, bless his heart, has never been a rose petals & poetry kind of man. There have been the occasional grand romantic gestures, but in general, he shows how much he loves me in lots of little ways, that might seem meaningless to other people, but have a great deal of meaning for me. Like the little scrap of paper he hid in my luggage when I went away, that said, “I love you!” And the times I come downstairs in the morning, and the fire is already lit, and a cup of tea waiting for me. And since I’ve been back from my trip, I’ve been really, really unwell – some nasty germ is whizzing it’s way round my body, first my tonsils, then my chest, then back up to my ears – and I’m still battling it. And Tony has been superb. He’s taken such good care of me, even though it’s dragged on and on. He’s cooked, and cleaned, and battled through the snow to get me medicine, and made me cups of tea in the middle of the night. Now that’s romance, wouldn’t you agree?


Tony Puts His Foot Down

The Scene:

The Posh Yarn living room. Posh Dee and Tony are twisting up the new cashmere yarn into skeins.

Tony: So what do you think of the new yarn then?

Dee: It’s incredible. Its so soft and smooshy. I want to keep it all.

Tony: (Silence)

Dee: But I won’t.

Tony: (Silence)

Dee: I can’t wait for everyone to see it.

Tony: You have to tell me if there’s any colours you like.

Dee (forgetting that he always says this, and is really just fishing for compliments, gets excited): Why, can I pick out some for myself?

Tony: NO.

Dee: Oh.


Dee: I love this red one. Its so subtle and so rich.

Tony: I like that one too.

Dee: It would make the most beautiful shawl. I don’t have a red shawl. Everyone should have a red shawl in their life.   

Tony: No.

Dee: (pouts)

(Long silence)

Dee: I could just take some, and you’d never know about it. I’ll just take them and hide them.

Tony: I’ll do a stock count.

Dee: You know what? This is in the Bible! It says somewhere you shouldn’t muzzle a bull while it’s threshing!

Tony: Huh??? What’s threshing?

Dee: Ummmm. I don’t know. But you shouldn’t be cruel to animals and this is cruelty to humans.

Tony: (raises eyebrows)

Dee: (sulkily) Well it is.

(Even longer silence)

Dee: It’s good for business, you know, when I keep yarn. It’s important for promotional purposes that I knit with our own yarn.

Tony: But you don’t knit with it, you just stash it. That’s not good for any purposes.

Dee: Yes it is, it’s good for happiness. It’s a mental health purpose. It’s better than a prescription. You’re withholding medicine.

Tony: (sighs)

Dee: (in wheedling voice) Just one or two little skeins, just a few skeins. No one will even miss them. Just these 5 purple ones. Just…..

Tony: NO!!!

Dee: But-

Tony: (leaves the room)

Dee: But………….

The End. 


Shop Update 06.12.09 – Part I

Every time Tony dyes, there’ll be an odd skein here and there that gets rejected. Sometimes the colourway came out a bit blah, or it may have got cross contaminated with dye and has discoloured spots. In any case, every few weeks, Tony does a re-dye batch, where he overdyes these rejected skeins. The results are always spectacular, because when you layer colour on top of colour, you get incredibly saturated complex colourways. It’s unfortunate that there’s usually only one of them!!! Here are some of my favourite single skeins from this week:

Sylvia 2ply Yo Ho Ho

Daisy 4ply Frankie & Johnny

Elinor What If

Elinor Last Call

Elinor Carnival Lights

Sylvia Aran Auld Lang Syne

Elinor Aran Hornpipe

More favourites tomorrow!

Poorly Mr P.

I have a sick man on my hands. Tony has chronic asthma, which has been getting worse lately, and now on top of that, has what I think is bronchitis. He’s been bad since Thursday of last week. And as with most sick men, he’s…… ah……. let’s say high maintenance when he’s unwell. Add to that the fact that I have no employees coming in to work this week, since it doesn’t seem fair to drown them in germs, and you’ll see that I have my hands rather full. So blogging may be a little sketchy this week, as I play nurse/maid/parcel-packer/Jack-of-all-trades.

(On a more cheerful note, last week I booked plane tickets to go and see my lovely Plucky girl, for 10 days in December, with two of my closest friends. Woooohoooooo!!!)