Photos for 15 Sep 2013

A Fearless Heart - Miranda Cobweb

Intense but gentle semi solid; deep plum, burgundy, raspberry
Miranda Cobweb - A Fearless Heart

Apropros Of Nothing - Sadie Lace

Complex and subtle tonal variegated; delicate rose, milky coffee, sage, stone, hints of apricot, khaki, silvery mauve, taupe
Sadie Lace - Apropros Of Nothing

Blanket Of Stars Above Us - Natasha Lace

Subtle and complex semi solid; dark teal, almost black in places, overlaid with shimmering teal, sapphire, and navy
Natasha Lace - Blanket Of Stars Above Us

Call Me In The Morning - Miranda Cobweb

Incredibly vibrant almost solid; bright turquoise, with hints of darker teal (I had HUGE problems photographing this, I'm so sorry, the photo really doesn't bear much resemblance to the actual yarn. Please go by my description, the colour is intense and deep and bright, not like the washed out sadness of the photo.)
Miranda Cobweb - Call Me In The Morning

Carve Our Names In A Tree - Elinor Sock

Subtle semi solid, that looks solid at first glance; deep cocoa brown (savage?!), with subtle hints of tan, chocolate, deep plummy purple, murky bronze
Elinor Sock - Carve Our Names In A Tree

Don't Spoil The Surprise - Marianne DK

My last camera fail of the week (although not as bad as the others). Vibrant semi solid; turquoise, jade, cobalt, kingfisher blue, darker jade. Much more green and turquoise than the photo shows, and more intense and vibrant too, so please go by the description.
Marianne DK - Don't Spoil The Surprise

I'm Sorry - What?! - Esme Sock

Vibrant solid; bright scarlet, and perfect in its simplicity
Esme Sock - I'm Sorry - What?!

Is It Too Early For A G&T? - Rosalind DK

Soothing semi solid; sage, leaf green, light khaki
Rosalind DK - Is It Too Early For A G&T?

I Started As A Wedding Singer - Olivia Sock

Intense but gentle semi solid; deep plum, raspberry, soft purple
Olivia Sock - I Started As A Wedding Singer

It Never Fails To Amaze Me - Sadie Sock

Amazingly complex and subtly blended variegated; amber, icy blue, copper, lavender, sage, lime, leaf green, grape, greige, honey, and an awful lot more
Sadie Sock - It Never Fails To Amaze Me

I've Run Out Of Street Cred - Dorothy Sock

Where do I start? Incredibly complex gently variegated; teal going into sapphire, grape, warm rose, amber, bronze, apricot, stone, silvery green, soft purple, and lots more subtle shades that I can't quite pinpoint
Dorothy Sock - I've Run Out Of Street Cred

I Will Always Be Your No. 1 Fan - Martha Aran

The happiest of all, warm and vibrant tonal variegated; tangerine, crimson, cerise, copper, apricot, rose, soft cherry
Martha Aran - I Will Always Be Your No. 1 Fan

Just Cream Crackered - Betsy Sock

A warmer riff on the same theme, subtle semi solid; amethyst, silver, mauve, dove grey
Betsy Sock - Just Cream Crackered

More Than Half Irish - Elinor Sock

Intense almost solid; deep warm emerald, going into grass green
Elinor Sock - More Than Half Irish

My Eyes! My Eyes! - Olivia Lace

Another sad camera fail. Tony has a new turquoise dye, and it is incredible, but oh my, the camera HATES it. Incredibly vibrant almost solid; brightest turquoise going into kingfisher blue. Again, go by my description, not the photo, please. Deeper and brighter than Call Me In The Morning.
Olivia Lace - My Eyes! My Eyes!

Never Too Late - Betsy Sock

Subtly blended semi solid; slate, soft mauve, silvery lavender, dirty denim
Betsy Sock - Never Too Late

Old Time Movie Buff - Miranda Heavy Lace

Beautifully layered semi solid; warm tan, overlaid with bronze, sage, and little hints of copper
Miranda Heavy Lace - Old Time Movie Buff

Past The Ha-Ha - Esme Sock

Ooh, I do love a good green. Vivid semi solid; moss, jade, grass green, a little mint
Esme Sock - Past The Ha-Ha

Pretty Please - Diana Lace

Soothing semi solid; deep lavender going into a silvery lilac
Diana Lace - Pretty Please

Quick Draw McGraw - Diana Lace

Subtle and complex tonal variegated; soft tan, plum, dusky pink, amethyst, milky coffee, hints of rose and mauve
Diana Lace - Quick Draw McGraw

Sister To The Wild Creatures - Elinor Sock

Ah yes, the trees are turning! Gently variegated; moss, plum, bronze, mid green, murky plummy brown, chartreuse
Elinor Sock - Sister To The Wild Creatures

Sneaky McSneakaston - Martha Aran

Intense and subtle semi solid; damson, deep purple, plum, maroon
Martha Aran - Sneaky McSneakaston

Some Might Say (But Don't Listen) - Erin Sock

Subtle semi solid; dull bronze going into khaki, tan, chocolate, dull brown. This looks just like a tree trunk with little hints of moss on it. I adore it.
Erin Sock - Some Might Say (But Don't Listen)



The Room Fell Silent - Rosalind DK

Celestial semi solid; silvery blue with a tiny hint of lavender, and slightly deeper blue (although still very delicate) shading
Rosalind DK - The Room Fell Silent

The Worst Idea In The History Of Ideas - Madeleine Lace

Dramatic subtly variegated; black and darkest blackcurrant, shot with flashes of jade, peacock blue, emerald, teal
Madeleine Lace - The Worst Idea In The History Of Ideas

Verrry Interrresting - Marianne DK

Sophisticated and subtly blended semi solid; muted silvery shades of sage, palest pink, dove grey, greige
Marianne DK - Verrry Interrresting

Was It All A Dream? - Sadie Sock

Delicate semi solid; rose, nude, mauve, lilac, soft plum, lavender, shell pink
Sadie Sock - Was It All A Dream?

Who Else Knows? - Dorothy Sock

Delicate semi solid; mauve, lilac, amethyst, silvery blue, lavender, denim
Dorothy Sock - Who Else Knows?

Who's Asking? - Olivia Sock

Elegant and complex tonal variegated; a dove grey base, with dusky pink, sage, taupe, warm rose, and some other subtle shades I can't put into words
Olivia Sock - Who's Asking?

Yes, I Would Do It All Again - Sadie Lace

An even more complex and subtle tonal variegated! Milky coffee, dusky rose, greige, sage, moss, plum, taupe
Sadie Lace - Yes, I Would Do It All Again

YouknowwhatImean - Martha Aran

Incredibly vibrant almost solid; violet, with some deeper purple shading
Martha Aran - YouknowwhatImean

You Never Did Get Me, Did You? - Olivia Lace

Intense and subtle semi solid; darkest purple, with hints of grape and a sort of damsony purple, hard to describe
Olivia Lace - You Never Did Get Me, Did You?

You Promised Me A Silver Lining - Miranda Heavy Lace

Moody and complex tonal variegated (this one is calling me with a siren's song); smoky grey, shot with grape, dull teal, slate, camel, dirty denim
Miranda Heavy Lace - You Promised Me A Silver Lining

You've Got Some Nerve - Olivia Lace

Intense semi solid; raspberry, warm plum, amethyst
Olivia Lace - You've Got Some Nerve