Thank you all so much. I am going ahead with arranging a new Royal Mail account to continue to send by Airmail; unfortunately they tell me this takes up to two weeks to set up, so in the meantime I will be sending international parcels by the economy service. Once the new account is set up, and we can start sending by Airmail again, the price will go up to £8. (If you would like me to hold back your order until it can be sent by Airmail, I am happy to do that, and to still only charge you £7. Just email me to request this.)

I am so happy to have found a way around this issue. All I want is to be able to continue to send out beautiful yarn to as many of my much loved customers as possible. This is what drives us, not money. Obviously we need to make a living, but Posh Yarn is so much more than that. It feels more like a privilege, to serve you, and to put out beautiful things into an increasingly difficult world.


With heavy heart, because you know how much I hate doing this, I have to announce an immediate alteration to our postal rates and terms. Royal Mail have vastly increased the cost of shipping to the USA, from July 1st, and the increase is really untenable (we’re talking £10 for two skeins of yarn). Our – and your – best option here is to switch from Airmail to Economy shipping. This will mean you have to wait longer for the yarn, but we’re patient as knitters, right?! Royal Mail say they aim to delivery Economy parcels to the US in up to 6 weeks, South America, Africa and Asia in up to 8 weeks, and Australia in up to 12 weeks. Which makes me sigh, but better wait a bit longer than have the majority of you unable to keep affording to buy from us (and the other option, of us covering the extra, simply isn’t possible). Here’s the new terms, and since today’s post has now gone, this is effective immediately (I apologise for springing this on you, I only found out about it myself last night):

Our shipping charge is now:
£3.75 for UK (first class, 1-2 days)
£5.00 for EU (Airmail, 5-7 days)
£7.00 for international (economy, 4-6 weeks)

If you are an international customer, and you want your yarn sent by a faster airmail service (or with a trackable service), please email me for a quote on how much that will cost.

My dears, I wish I didn’t have to increase any prices. But then, I love you all so much that I also wish I could just send you all the yarn for free every week, so what I want, and what we have to do, are two different things! I know that things are tough, for so many reasons, for so many of us. This is another opportunity for me to tell you how much we care about each and every one of you, and how grateful we are that you continue to support Posh Yarn, and let us carry on working hard to send out beauty into our world.