Special Sales in February

We’ve got some special updates coming up this month, so here are the details of the sales for the rest of February:

Sunday Feb 13th 8pm – Normal shop update
Sunday Feb 20th 7.30am – Special shop update for far-off time zone customers
Sunday Feb 20th 8pm – Sweater bundles shop update
Sunday Feb 27th 8pm – Normal shop update

With the 7.30am update, if you are a customer who struggles with the current time slot of 8pm Sunday, feel free to participate, even if perhaps you aren’t located in one of the far off time zones mentioned in the original post, Australia, NZ, etc. But this is primarily for those customers who find the current time slot impossible to manage. I’ll be listing a slightly smaller amount than the normal shop update, because there will be fewer customers than normal, but there may be leftovers, and if so, I will leave the shop stocked throughout the day for all customers to browse and buy. But I am away from the computer from 9am-12.30, so I wont be around to update the shop front.

(These times are GMT)

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